Wednesday, November 29, 2017


You know, one of these days you might even see 40k content from me again. Which is obviously madness!

(I actually did play a handful of games around the time 8E dropped this summer, eventually stepping out to wait for codexes to come out and my armies to get a little more depth. So far I've got the CSM one ... but have been too turned off by the meta to roll them out under it. Most excited for Daemons to hit next month, my Tzeentch gribblies deserve to hit the table more often, and should be more interesting to play than my beloved CSM, who largely do what they've always done - shoot a little, die a lot, dream of making it to combat / being able to move faster. Anyway, I promise to return!)

Ankylodon Battle Playform Getting His Roughage On
In the meantime, I've still been reporting all of my Salamander games for Kings of War, 20 of which you can check out on the Mantic Forum here. Apologies for the external link but it's far easier to centralize them - though I've considered moving them to a blog, particularly after the great Photobucket debacle earlier this year -_-

Anyway, bunches of KOW reports over there if you want them! And if you need even more Salvage antics, I post at least a little something from all my games over on my Instagram @boss_salvage ;D

Monday, May 15, 2017


Faithful and eternally neglected readers! Updates!

Back in January I started building a new army for Kings of War, and after about three months of work my Fire Elemental-themed Salamanders were 'complete':

I've reported all the games for this army over on the Mantic Forum, which you are cordially invited to follow this link to:

Games 6-10 of those are from the Unplugged GT, a two-day event that went down near Hartford, CT last month. Enjoy!