Monday, December 10, 2007

+ Karnage Kontinues +

Another two weeks, another two throwdowns, and the tourny this Sat should be Mayhem x3.

Undivided & 1k Sons vs Eldar [2500] - The prism Eldar were back in full force: biketarch + spears; spidertarch + 10 spiders; 10 harlies; 10 hawks; some scorpions; 4x 6 pathfinders; 3x loaded prisms. My chaos was as before, less the 1k Sons, and teamed up with 1200 points of fledgling 1k Sons: jump warptime/doombolt sorc; 3x 7 Sons + warptime sorc in rhinos; las dread.

Deployment had me on the left and Sons to the right, with smattering of pointy ears across from us (but lots of bad in front of Sons). Eldar were catty and redeployed away from my firebase and to the killy flank, leaving just 3 squads of snipers and a prism to be eradicated by my whole army. Meanwhile, the Sons boosted forward, hoped out and gunned down some clowns, 1 spear and the other sniper unit. In retaliation the harlies and spears killed his army out from under him, leaving all the nasty zooming into my corner, though less 1 spear and 7 harlies.

My boys bunkered up in some ruins and prepared for it, but then the dread flipped out twice in a row (!) and accounted for a few marines and a wound on the deathscreamer. From here the Eldar were either move-shoot-moving or hit-and-running behind a wall of terrain and wrecked rhinos, meaning I lost anything that tried to engage them and had no shots in return. The havoks fell early to harlies, then the defiler fleeted in and charged the clowns, only to be haywired (which I learned afterwards they don't have!). The deathscreamer pushed out and made contact with the last 3 harlies, but disaster struck and he rolled a 1 for the demon, which meant the clowns flipped away and killed more marines and the spiders razored the man to death.

Around Turn 12 the game ended with the last of the noise marines and fisty CSM holed up some ruins, with everything killy zipping in from all sides. A heroic last stand, but not much else.

Eldar Win

Undivided vs Tau [1500] - Time to test out some Tau tournament options, specifically: loner shas'o w/ drone; 2x 3 suicide crisis suits (fusion/flamer & fusion/plasma); 5x stealths; 8 pathfinders w/ warfish; 2x 12 fire warriors; 6 vespid; 3x sniper teams. My chaos cracked their knuckles and faced off. He deployed all 3 sniper teams on one half of the table, so I heavy deployed to the other side, leaving just the dread to handle that side. Amazingly, my faith was not misplaced ...

Tau started, and scrapped most of the 1k Sons and a couple of the fisty CSM squad advancing hard right with the deathscreamer. Chaos retaliated by vaporizing the vespid in front of the fisty squad, and then having the dread fire frenzy into some fire warriors in ruins (I had blocked LOS from the dread to my army just in case). 2 plasma shots later and 10 (!) blue xenos were toast. The dread went on to kill a sniper team in 1 shot, break another the next turn, and stomp a last squad to paste in Turn 6. Hooah!

Elsewhere things weren't necessarily so cheery. Suicide suits killed the defiler after it had killed 1 fire warrior, then were pummeled by the obliterator's fists. Other suits dropped and wasted 7/10 of the shooty CSM squad then were hacked up in combat, and the Sons were easily whipped Turn 2 (though sucked up two failed target priority tests in a row). The fisty squad + lord kept pushing right flank, but HQ suit and stealths whittled it down to just the lord, who could never spot the stealths to show them his deathscreamer. He did get to pound on the pathfinders though, killing them before falling to the stealth team at last. Havoks krak'd the devilfish easy, then commenced fragging the other fire warriors down to below half.

In the end heavy loses on both sides left very few scoring Tau units but my noise, havoks, oblterator and dread untouched. Which mattered, as we were counting quarters @ 100 points each ...

Chaos (Minor) Win

Painting: Lord, Defiler

Monday, November 26, 2007

+ New Chaos Beatdowns Kontinue +

Only now preparing to paint the defiler and a new Tz lord (I caved and agreed that the kai gunner AC needed to be replaced with a proper deathscreamer killer) for a tournament 12/15, as grad school applications are looming. That said, death has been dealt in the meantime.

Undivided vs Eldar [1500] - What I thought would be a cheddarfest turned out not too bad for the boys in black & brown. Brand new pointy ears army was autarch (warp pack, fusion gun, pw, mandi) + full spiders + exarch, 6 harlies w/ seer, kisses; full scorpions + fist exarch; 2x 6 pathfinders; 3x prisms w/ full gear. Game was standard gamma anhilation.

Xenos went first, and chaos whined about invinco-prisms already going fast. Things turned quickly though, with the warp spiders + autarch caught in the open and hit hard by 1k Sons and other fire support, then engaged by the remnants of the shooty 10 CSM squad and pounded down for good. Scorpions infiltrated a little too close, and were jumped on by the fisty 10 CSM squad and flamed / rapid-fired to death. Dread had a rough time on the far right flank - fire frenzy with no targets, stunned a turn, etc - but eventually smashed through a building and killed 1 squad of pathfinders.

Harlies boosted into the fisty squad and ended up trashing them down to a handful, but a countercharge by the deathscreamer ripped 1/2 the squad apart. They hit-and-ran and smacked the noise marines, but were rebuffed for the loss of 1 clown and 1 noise boy. Hit-and-run sent them 11" away, close enough for the deathscreamer to slam in and gut them.

Meanwhile, the prisms had been linking up and shooting things, but not with great effect. Dread was shaken early and had its plasma taken off, the shooty 10 man lost a model or two and the defiler was mildly irritated. Over 5 turns of sporadic chaos fire the prisms were stripped of all weapons, immobilized and eventually destroyed. Cred goes to the dread for flaming the rear of a prism, dropping it to the ground and then chainsawing it open in combat.

The end game involved the final squad of pathfinders - who had accounted for several shooty CSM, some 1k Sons and the last wound on the deathscreamer - holding their building from the remaining ranged fire of the chaos army, but it was a foregone conclusion and the eldar folded.

Chaos Win

Undivided vs Tau Empire [1500] - Tau Lad brought a very different army to throw into my chaos, and he realized once it was down that he didn't have much chance. Tau was shas'o w/ crisis friends, anti-dread deep strike crisis team, 2x warfish of fury w/ 12 fw each, 5 pathfinders w/ warfish, kroot + lots of hounds, kroot + gnarloc. His plan was to rush the wooded center of the table with kroot squads and coordinate with a double fish o' fury assault.

First turn to Tau, and various things moved up. Maybe 1 CSM died, but in retaliation 1k Sons and fisty CSM moved up to meet the kroot swarm now in rapid-fire range, dropping most of the hounds from one squad and a couple goaders from the gnarloc's group. Dread, oblit and blastmaster fire trashed 1 furious fish, killing 1/2 of the fw inside and blunting the pulse pain to come.

And come it did. Other fury fish rushed up and hoped out, fragging the 1k Sons to a marine with the help of very bad saving rolls. Anti-dread team struck behind the dread and did it's fusiony thing. Kroot squads slammed the fisty CSM + deathscreamer lord, but the CSM were crafty and had hunkered down in some rocks to take the krooty charge. CSM went first and put the hurt on the chickens, doing 4 wounds to the gnarloc (1 short!) and clearing away a lot of kroot. Returns dragged down 2 CSM, but it wasn't enough and both kroot squads broke and both were caught. Note that the fist AC never swung!

Tau player saw the game was more or less lost, with his center shattered upon the rock of chaos marines. Retaliation in the chaos second turn saw the crisis team blastmastered and cleaned in assault by the oblit's powerfist, the 12 fire warriors deathscreamed and assaulted by the lord (would take 3 combat phases to finally kill and break the squad down), and the 6 fw over by their wrecked fish shot and assaulted by the fisty CSM (now 5 strong).

From here the warfish managed a wound on the oblit and with the help of the crisis HQ (who eventually lost their 3 shield drones to aggressive chaos fire) knocked the fisty CSM eventually down to only the fister himself. In a cute move he charged 2 fire warriors who had fallen back and regrouped near the edge, exploded their faces and massacred into the shas'o hiding nearby in area terrain. With his buddies blastmastered & kraked to small bits in the preceding shooting phase, the shas fluffed his attaks and was pulverized by the fist.

Mop up was trashing the remaining 2 warfish and then hammering on the pathfinders with the defiler and oblit. Turn 6 came and went, with 2 pathfinders high up in their tower of death.

Chaos Win

Building: 8 Possessed
Painting: Defiler, Screamer Lord

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

+ Chaos TagTeam vs Tau +

So that 1 v 1 against Tau turned into Undivided & DeathGuard vs Lots of Tau Shooting ...

Undivided & DeathGuard vs Tau [3000] - I used the list below, and the DeathGuard was lord w/ plaguebringer; 10 chosen w/ 2 meltas, 2 plasmas, 1 flamer; dread w/ ccw & missiles; 4x 7 plague marines w/ plasma, melta, fist/plasma AC. Tau was naturally a lot of shooty death: shas'o + friends; 3x 3 deep strike crisis (plasma/fusion x2, plasma/flamer x1); 3x 12 fire warriors w/ markers; 2x 6 vespid; 2x 8 pathfinders w/ warfish; railhead; skyray; 3x sniper teams; 3x single slot broadsides w/ shield gen & shield drone. We decided later he shouldn't have deployed them all seperately, as 5 heavy slots is one thing but 7 is another all together!

Tau Deployment (Chaos L to R):

Warfish, pathfinders (woods), fire warriors (woods), fire warriors (behind woods), broadside (hill), sniper team (hill), hammerhead (pointing at defiler), crisis HQ (behind hill), broadside, sniper team (rocks), pathfinders (rocks), warfish, broadside, sniper team (building, 3rd floor), skyray (building, just 6" in), fire warriors (building, 4" in).

Chaos Deployment (Chaos L to R):

Plague marines + lord (left building, over 6" in), havoks (building, 4th floor), defiler (half behind building), 1k Sons (behind rocks), DG dread, plague marines (woods), fist CSM (behind woods), chosen (infiltrated into woods mid-table), plague marines (right building, left edge), shooty CSM (building, over 6" in), noise marines (building, 2nd floor), plague marines (building, right edge), obliterator (behind building), Undivided dread (right of building).

Basically a lot of Tau guns pointed at a building with 2 squads, an area of woods with a few squads and a building loaded with chaos. First turn to Tau.

Tau Turn 1 - Defiler is immobilized, plague dread is railed, undivided dread shrugs off the skyray, and the chosen take a blistering amount of firepower, dropping the five armed with bolters.

Chaos Turn 1 - Plague marines advance a little, though without leaving their terrain pieces. Deathscreamer lord joins the plaguers in the center woods. 1k Sons move into the rocks in front of them, shooty CSM move within 6" of their building's edge, noise marines do likewise to bring the blastmaster into LOS and the undivided dread rages forward a total 8". Havoks stun the hammerhead, defiler scatters and takes out 1 sniper drone, chosen knock the shield drone and 1 wound off a broadside, and plaguers and deathscreamer lord can't scratch a second broadside, despite a 6 for the demon cannon's shots.

Tau Turn 2 - 3 crisis w/ plasma + fusion strike near the defiler and explode it. Assorted fire drops a couple 1k Sons in the rocks and the skyray immobilizes the undivided dread. The chosen are shot down to a single plasma gunner, who keeps his cool. Vespid zip up and bother the 1k Sons and the plague marines, dropping 1 plaguer. 1 unit assaults the 1k Sons in the rocks, but only the sorcerer can take anybody down.

Chaos Turn 2 - Plague lord + marines push across the havok's building and assault the struck suits, trashing them and consolidating into the 1k Son rocks. The fisty CSM mobilize and help the Sons out with the vespid, crushing them for the loss of 1 more Son. They consolidate into the rocks too, making that 3 squads & 1 lord all loaded into 4" x 7" of terrain. Other plaguers with deathscreamer lord hop to the chosen wood, then turn and vaporize the unengaged vespid squad (6 for demon cannon again). Plague marines in other building push to the edge, and chaos fire drops various fire warriors in the other building. The havoks also pound the hammerhead again, removing the railgun.

Tau Turn 3 - 3 crisis w/ plasma + fusion strike near the forward plague woods, and combined with 3/4 of the Tau army are able to take all 6 plague marines down. The lone chosen is killed, and the deathscreamer takes 1 wound from something. The rest of the Tau manage to trash the fisty CSM squad to 5 models, and the 1k Sons are now at 2.

Chaos Turn 3 - Retaliatory fire (1 shot of which was from the dread plasma cannon) kills 2 struck crisis suits, and sends the survivor fleeing several inches. Far right plague marines advance for the fire warrior's building, and lord + plague marines continue heading laterally to the right, staying behind LOS-blocking terrain. Fisty CSM likewise pull out behind the rocks, but the 1k Sons play it ballsy and scoot towards the Tau and their guns. Bolt of Change misses, naturally. Right noise / CSM bunker pins the fire warrriors across from them with blastmaster and other fire. Deathscreamer ignores the crisis suits in front of it to make a break for the pathfinders in the rocks ahead of him. He makes both sets of difficult terrain rolls and hits combat, rolling 4 for the demon weapon. 8 attaks later all the pathfinders are vaporized. The lord consolidates into the fleeing crisis suit, but it fails to rally and flees further away, leaving the lord facing a warhead, broadside and 5 sniper drones ...

Tau Turn 4 - 3 crisis w/ plasma + flamer strike near the havoks, and scorch 4 marines. Other Tau shooting wastes the 1k Son remnants and fries the stranded deathscreamer.

Choas Turn 4 - Fisty CSM squad 2x flamers the crisis suits and then fists them to death. Plague lord continues moving to the right. Forward plague marines advance to charge the fire warriors in the opposite building, but the aliens are all shot down. A broadside or two loses a shield drone. The oblit finishes what the chosen started and zaps the broadside who killed the 'screamer.

Tau Turn 5 - Shooting is largely ineffective against plague marines, and the obliterator is railed in return.

Chaos Turn 5 - Plague marines push into the building across the way, and do nothing to the skyray still parked there (but long out of seekers).

Game is called, as a party has to be gone to. With a margin of less than 300 points, it's a ... DRAW

Painting: Defiler

Building: APOC Reinforcements

Thursday, October 18, 2007

+ List Update +

Been playing Fantasy or doing real life stuff, but I did retouch the whole 1500 army and varnished them at last. Looking at my kai gun AC I realized how much I like him, and how much I want my HQ to reach out and touch somebody. That, and I don't want to paint my demon prince, though the beast is built. Anyway, here's a new list that takes minimal painting:

Chaos Lord - MoT, deathscreamer

Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor

10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
10 CSM - MoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
6 1k Sons - Sorcerer w/ bolt of change
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, AC w/ power weapon

6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Obliterator

1500 points

Yep, being lazy and putting off the rhino again. Note that it was built well over a year ago! I can't remember if it or the defiler is older, but the defilotron is all that needs paint to see my Chaos back at 1500 again. Look forward to that, just not to painting that big spider walker :P

Have a game this Saturday, either a rematch against Tau or a grudgematch against his fledgling 1k Sons army. Will keep you updated on the carnage.

Also, got my hands on 3 new terminators, and tossed them together a couple weekends ago:

3 Terminators - MoCU, 3 combi-plasmas, 2 powerfists, 1 chainfist = 150 points of love

Painting: Defiler
Building: APOC reinforcements

Friday, September 28, 2007

+ REDUX 2.5 +

Here's the list I'm re-building towards now, with the few changes that I've made since playing a couple games:

Demon Prince - MoS, warptime

Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor (smoke, searchlight)

10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
10 CSM - MoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
Rhino - (smoke, searchlight)
6 1k Sons - Sorcerer w/ bolt of change (force weapon)
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, sonic blaster

6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
Defiler - (smoke, searchlight)
1 Obliterator

1500 points

The stuff in parentheses are new freebies that come with those units. I could also have included (bolter, bolt pistol, ccw) on all the marines except the Sons, and I have to say that's a pretty kick ass upgrade, always getting +1 attak in combat. 10 CSM = 20 S4 beatdown attaks, something to think about.

Building: Demon Prince

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

+ Nü Chaos > Nids?! +

Threwdown last Friday with my friend Studder's nids, whom I've never beat and generally ally with when possible. I didn't have high hopes for the new Chaos, but I was willing to see what went down.

Undivided vs Tyranids [1500] - Studder took flyrant w/ 2x twin devourers, implants, warpfield, etc; broodlord w/ toxin & retinue; 3x6 genestealers w/ carapace, hooks, talons; 2x1 raveners; 2x gunfexes w/ vc, strangler, etc; 3 AP3 spore mines. The broodlord was a new caveat, usually there's more stealers and some zoanthropes.

We refused each other our flanks, so that we were basically going across the board diagonal. Right to left I had havoks a top level 4+ building, then autocannon CSM in lower floors and oblit nearby; 1k Sons in the open, with lascannon CSM & termi lord behind them, and noise marines a top a building just to their left. The dread went faar left, and the rhino I stuck along the left board edge behind a building, purely to keep the broodlord from my DZ. Nids were, right to left: broodlord & friends, 6 stealers, 6 stealers, ravener, flyrant, fex, stealers, ravener and fex faar left. Turn 1 went to Chaos, as did the rolls for side and deployment ;D

Chaos Turn 1 - Almost no movement, except for dread and oblit scooting for LOS. Blistering Chaos firepower kills 2 stealers (defiler scatter) and wounds the flyrant once (maybe). I was hitting fine, but was plagued with 1's on dice that needed 2+ to wound :x
Nids Turn 1 - Everything moves up fast. 1 fex immobilizes the dread and will waste the rest of its life shooting it, the other one either kills the oblit this turn or next. The flyrant wastes a noise marine or two with it's insane dakka cannons of reroll. Some stealers also hide on the side of a building right outside my zone, forcing me to make a decision to move and engage them ...

Chaos Turn 2 - Which I do, having the Sons stumble around the building's corner. The rhino tankshocks some stealers, who pass and move to the side, and the dread stomps up to cook some bugs. The dread roasts some stealers, charges and kills the rest, with the help of No Retreat! from synapse fearless. He consolidates back into cover. Other fire takes the flyrant down to 2 wounds, knocks a wound off a ravener, and kills a couple of the hiding stealers. Assault goes ok for the Sons, who kill a stealer or two and lose a couple automatons in return.
Nids Turn 2 - Broodlord charges the rhino and shakes it (no move/no shoot) with his posse, and other stealers charge the dread in cover. They remove his ccw, but he kills 1 before it's torn off. Flyrant hits the noise marines, who do nothing to it and are gutted. On a lucky 6" massacre it consolidates into the lascannon CSM & termi lord squad. Fex 1 does nothing to the defiler, and the other fex bounces off the CSM in the building. The stealers pull down all but 1 rubric marine, and the sorcerer finishes the squad off! He consolidates toward the fex ... Oh, and spore mines killed 1 marine from the lascannon CSM before the flyrant hit.

Chaos Turn 3 - No movement, right to shooting. Defiler hammers the stealers on the rhino, killing all of the retinue except 1 and leaving the APC unscathed ;). Havoks and autocannon CSM knock wounds off their fex, and the 1k Son sorcerer kills a ravener with shooting. That fex may have died this turn, it had a lot going into it for 3 turns ... The dread pulverized a stealer with its feet, to no damage back. More stealers die to No Retreat!, leaving 1 in base. The flyrant directs at the termi lord, taking off 2 wounds, but between the AC fist and HQ chainfist the bitch does down. The lord consolidates into the ex-noise marine building, to intercept the other ravener.
Nids Turn 3 - Fex 1 immoblizes the defiler again, locking its turret. The broodlord & 1 friend hits the dread, but just lose 1 stealer. Ravener can't reach the termi lord.

Chaos Turn 4 - Firepower bounces off the living fex, or fails to wound. Termi lord charges the ravener, saves the 1 rend on him and then whiffs his 5 attaks! 1,1,2,1,2 to hit! Dread bites it at last.
Nids Turn 4 - Fex blasts the Sons, killing the last automaton and charging the sorcerer! Everybody can't hit or wound each other. The termi lord is killed by the ravener, because he sucks that hard. The broodlord and lone stealer move along my DZ.

Chaos Turn 5 - Sorc flails at fex, fex misses sorcerer. CSM beginning redeploying to get shots on something late game. Lascannon CSM move up into the noise building and double flame the ravener, killing it.
Nid Turn 5 - Broodlord & stealer charge the lascannon CSM, killing half the squad for the lose of the lone stealer to the fist.

Chaos Turn 6 - More flailing from the sorcer, and missing from the fex. The broodlord eats some marines, killing the squad.
Nid Turn 6 - Broodlord scampers over toward the defiler and waiting guns ... And the sorcerer force weapons the fex! w00000t!

Chaos Turn 7 - Broodlord dies to many guns.


That said, lord sucked it up. Switching to warptime demon prince with MoS. Just better in every way, and more survivable, etc.

Building: Prince
Painting: 2 CSM, defiler, rhino

Thursday, September 20, 2007

+ Nü Rampage? +

Had my first game using the Nü Chaos rules (used the list below under "REDUX"), but against that Tau player again. Was a learning experience ...

Undivided vs Tau [1500] - Tau Kid took shas'o w/ CIB, fusion, reserves thing, shield drone; 3 crisis w/ plasma, fusion, multi; 3x 12 fire warriors; 6 pathfinders w/ sms fish; 6 vespid; 3x sniper drone teams; railhead (!).

Terrain was big buildings on the flanks of deployment zones, then a huge building left of board center and a rock coloumn right of board center. We played real line of sight, not area terrain, which really really hurt and I don't feel like doing again!

We'll stick with some highlights, this was last Sat after all!

First turn, his railhead vaporizes my dread. No need to worry about mutated hull being gone! This was a major victory for him, he's never dropped this dread before ;D The railhead goes on to be shaken every turn, and eventually lascannoned by my oblit. The oblit also got a last turn plasma cannon shot on a sniper team - @ 30" just in sight - and broke them off the table. Digging the plasma cannon upgrade, though heavy bolter would have helped clear FW I guess.

Havoks set up HIGH in a building across from 2 sniper teams and 12 FW, and lost 4 marines before I took a turn to back up in the building out of 36" sniper range. From there they fragged the FW, pushing them to the table edge but not off.

Defiler pounded FW squads off the table, contributing to breaking 2 squads and attempting to smash off the third hiding with the snipers. He was untouched by enemy fire, and thinking about it I could have walked him toward snipers with only some fear of glancing death.

1k Sons deployed in the open like I general do, and lost all 5 rubrics to 2 turns of sniper fire and the remnant of a vespid squad that was pulverized by my marines. The kicker? The vespid stingwing assaulted the sorcerer with warptime and killed him. Wow guys. I also realized that the squad is illegal - the sorc can have only 1 power, though for the record I don't even remember if they got to shoot their inferno bolts!

Fire support CSM squad was hammered pretty badly, and striking crisis suits took out the entire unit except for the power weapon AC (pervious Kai gun AC) ... who charged the squad, broke and caught them! He died to sniper fire, but it was a beautiful thing.

Likewise the combat CSM squad moved up through middle terrain with the termi lord, intent on getting to grips with the squishy Tau. About half way I realized I was walking up between 3 snipers once I cleared terrain, as well as his shas'o with CIB. Eventually, the lord died to the shas'o fusion, 5 CSM died to snipers and such, but then the remaining 5 got the charge on the shas'o. Powerfist ftw and it was one dead xenos. Then it was one dead AC.

And the noise marines rarely had range to anything, but rolled amazingly to hit when they could. Don't remember the blastmaster doing anything spectacular, but they held their building.

End Result -> Draw.

So I've got things to learn, and had to change my list up. Gone is warptime and the 2 sonic blasters, in is the old rhino! More to paint! Yeah!

Painting: Termi lord, 2 CSM, defiler, rhino
Future: Sorcerer, land raider

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


While I've got the new 1500 list set down and built up, I'm looking ahead to getting 2000 points done for APOC in October. No way I can make 3000, but 2000 is a nice round number for teaming up with fellow chaos players and bringing the HURT to pansy corpse worshippers.

Lord - MoK, chainfist, terminator armor, ikon
Sorcerer - MoT, force weapon, warptime, doombolt, jump pack, ikon

Dreadnought - plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor

10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
10 CSM - MoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
6 1k Sons - Sorcerer w/ bolt of change, ikon
6 Noise Marines - blastmaster, sonic blaster, ikon

Heavy Support
6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
Land Raider - demonic possession

12 Demon(ette)s

1998 points

The sorcerer is pretty pricey (190!), but @ 18" he pumps out 3 S4 AP3 doombolts (reroll hits and wounds with warptime) and in combat he's got 5 S4 force weapon attaks (reroll hits and wounds with warptime). The pack gets him where he needs to be, and I'm looking to take down carnifex and other big bads with this guy. Even with 6 to wound, warptime should make that happen.

And yep, the girls are back. I guess I can run them in 2x6 squads like usual, but 12 looks pretty awesome in my head. 36 attaks are hard to argue with, and the massive squad should extend considerably out of the 6" summon range, with the way deep strike works. Even though I want the raider to hang back and add ranged support, I could suit up the lord in it and tank forward, and summon the girls off him from inside the raider. Bizarre, but also a possibility.

Painting: Eshin bases
Building: Land raider (now with Alpha Legion doors!)

Monday, August 20, 2007

+ Speed Lord Battles On +

Took my Chaos lads to the FLGS and got two 1500 point games in, against Templar and Tau. For the record I was using the current rules, though I may be testing new chaos rules out sooner than I like ... Break it down!

Undivided vs. Templars [1500] - Fought these templar in megas all the time, but never in 1v1. His cut down 1500 list was chappy (2 wounds) + 9 marines (melta, fist) in rhino; chump + 9 marines (melta, fist) in rhino; 6 marines (plasma, missile launcher); dread; pred (lascannon + heavy bolters); 10 assault marines (2 plasma pistols, fist). I deployed 10-man in cover far left and the 1k Sons in the open, with the dread about a foot to their right, and then everything else in a tall building far right. The 8-man infiltrated into a building along the right side. He deployed 6-man and pred across from my left, with rhino on the other side of terrain from my dread, and then assaulters, rhino, dread nearish my right side.

I got first, and from here a trend of rolling exceedingly badly was started. I never rolled higher than 3 for penetrating vehicles, and generally missed when possible. Somehow I did what I needed to though, as the game tipped towards Chaos in the last turns. Both squads of girls hit the chappy's disembarked squad on the right, with the speed lord zipping in to snipe out the chappy. He tagged him for one, then 6 demonettes hit him with 18 attaks and took him down. They scooted into the assault marine remnant (1 fister), which had been decimated by an early charge by the infiltrators. From here, the girls ate the dreadnought and the fister, but the lord and other ladies didn't fair so well, losing all the girls to the marines. Turns later, my lord finally failed his aura saves (I made a lot against a fist) and went down, and the last girl on the board popped. My obliterator stumbled over late game and hit the powerfist templar with his chainfist, though he was instand deathed in the process :'(

Other side of the table, the 1k Sons did their thing and sucked it up, only glancing the turret off the pred and losing models every turn to heavy bolters and krak. The chump's squad hoped out and blasted them too, but in return the rhino squad were hammered down to chump, fist, bolter. The templar headed for the dread - which only the first could hurt thanks to mutated hull - but the dread was too quick and stomped everyone but the chump. After rolling 3 1's to wound the chump - O_O - the dread finally smashed him to paste. Game ended with a weaponless rhino and banged up pred tank shocking my 10-man, and then me failing to hurt them next turn with a LOT of firepower, including a charge from the dread. Win for Chaos all the same.

Undivided vs Tau [1500] - Rematch time, though he had new sniper drones to try out. He brought shas'o (CIB, plasma, shield drone, etc), 3 crisis (plasma, flamer, 1 shield drone), 3 crisis (fusion, plasma), 5 stealth (1 fusion), 6 vespid, 3x 12 fire warriors (marker), 3x sniper drone team. He deployed across his zone - vespid, FW (in trees), drones (in trees), FW (in ruins), drones, drones (atop temple), suits (behind temple), FW. I deployed more concentrated center - 10-man posed to move into ruins first turn, speed lord behind them, dread, oblit (behind dread), havoks (in ruins), 1k Sons, noise marines (in trees). He infiltrated stealths into my zone far left, and I had to infiltrate my 8-man to try to catch them and their JSJ schenanigans. He kept the fusion suits to deep strike and try to kill my dread ;)

First turn to chaos, and pretty uneventful. 1 shield drone died, 1 sniper drone died, maybe a FW died. The 10-man moved up into the ruin, bringing them into range of 24 pulse rifles O_O
Tau let me have it in their turn, killed 9 of the 10-man and leaving just the kai gun AC! He's undaunted, as are the 8-man when they lose 2 to the stealths, who jump behind the impassable side of the big hill in my deployment zone. Sniper drones started hitting the 1k Sons, knocking off wounds like they will from here on. Vespid zip up and fleet to meet the stealths in their hidey spot by the cliff.

Chaos two, and the girls want to play. A lucky scatter sends one squad off the speed lord's ikon and over to easy reach of the vespid! The other girls scatter poorly off the 8-man and basically play no part in the game. Judging the distance to be right, the speed lord takes off for the sniper team across from him, as I saw one drone base was sticking out of cover! A good fleet roll later and he's in, and easily trashes the squad. He's now 5.5" away from 12 FW, and I knew he was gonna die UNLESS ... 6" massacre roll and the game has totally changed. The girls trash the vespid for 1 loss, and then consolidate into the stealths, shutting them down too. Concentrated fire on the center FW squad sends half the squad off the board. The oblit takes the last shield drone from the crisis suits.
Tau two, and the fusion crisis drop right in front of the dread. A couple pens later, and the dread is shaken - but I learned from last game against this guy, so extra armor means my dread is just plain pissed! Snipers hit the 1k Sons more, but I don't care as the speed lord breaks and catches the FW and then consolidates to take down the crisis team tickling his dread. Girls devour the stealths and catch those that break.

Chaos three, the dread rages into the crisis, ready to get his 7 attaks on. Kai gun taps a wound off a suit, and then the speed lord and dread slam in. The speed lord swings his 5 attaks, hits with all, wounds with all, and guts the squad. He massacres behind the ruins and sets up to kill another drone team. The 1k Sons can't see the snipers killing them, and I should probably have started moving my noise marines and 8-man lascannon to get shots later in the game, but meh.
Tau three, he's running out of options with chaos closing in around his 2 drone teams, 4 crisis suits and FW squad. He scoots the FW around the edge of the temple to hit the 1k Sons next turn, and the suits begin JSJ-ing around the temple. Shots at the 1k Sons damage them further, probably down to sorc + 2 or 3 rubrics.

Chaos four, the speed lord strikes again, hitting and fragging his second drone team. This strands him in the open, but I'm so happy with his performance that I concede it's his time to die. Dread and oblit wander toward the temple, 1k Sons shuffle more (I rolled 2" on 2 dice most every turn), and frag missiles pound the FW. Enough tau die for a test, and they break and head back around the temple toward the edge.
Tau four sees the FW run more, but stop before the edge. Crisis JSJ and kill the speed lord with plasma death. Good ride speedy ;D Sons take some more fire.

Chaos five. No speed lord means I don't have many options to reach around the temple that he's JSJ-ing around. The dread gets frustrated and fire frenzies, and with no enemy targets the oblit takes 2 plasma cannon shots and 2 heavy flamer blasts! Wounded but alive, the oblit shuffles away from his ex-buddy.
Tau five, FW rally at last. Crisis JSJ and dink the Sons again.

Chaos six, and "final" turn. Can't do much of anything, so back away from the temple and move the Sons back into cover.
Tau six. FW move back toward where they were on the temple steps. Crisis team JSJ and kill 1 more Son, leaving sorc + 1 rubric. Win for Chaos ... but we battle on!

Chaos seven - ten. Jockeying for LOS to behind the temple with oblit and noise marines, and at this point the kai gun AC and the 8-man are getting close to the action!
Tau seven - ten. JSJ kills the Sons at last, and drops 2 noise marines when they left their woods for a turn. FW move up to the temple steps and peek out ...

Chaos turn eleven. The FW suck loads of fire, dying and breaking. The blastmaster marine gets a shot on the crisis suits, shattering one with max power and breaking the unit off the board!

Chaos Win for real.

Building: Land raider
Painting: Eshin bases, termi lord, defiler

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Now that I know more about the new C:CSM, it looks like my army is going to get even smaller and even more elite. Pretty much everything went up in points, with minimal benefit in game. But here's the list I'll be going with at least for a bit ...


Lord - MoK, chainfist, combi-bolter, terminator armor


Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor


10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
10 CSM - MoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
6 1k Sons - Sorcerer w/ force weapon, bolt of change, warptime
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, 2 sonic blasters

Heavy Support

6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Obliterator

1500 points
40 infantry & 2 walkers

I lose - 12 demonettes, 3 thralls, 1 speed lord
I gain - 2 marines, defiler, 1 termi lord

Overall the army gets a little slower, a little smaller, and a lot weaker in assault. I think in general though it gets a little shootier, at least against MEQ targets in 3+ armor, and the defiler's cannon should be fun for the few turns it gets to fire before retaliatory firepower takes it out.

I still want to use the land raider, but that'll be for 2000 point games. I'm also picking up a sweet sorcerer model, but again that'll wait for bigger games.

Building: N/A
Painting: 3 Eshin ironguts, 1 termi lord, 1 defiler

Monday, August 06, 2007

+ Nü Kaos +

The new Codex: CSM hits very very soon, and as much as I'd like to boycott it and keep my lads bashing like I like 'em - which mostly goes for my poor girls! - I think change may be inevitible. So going by what I know of the new book (which is a good deal at this point), here's a look at my own list and the changes to come.

Anarchonquistadores -

Lord - MoCU, furious charge, power weapon, bolt pistol, speed, aura, strength, spiky, ikon, meltas
6 1k Sons - sorcerer w/ fist, bolt of change, 3 thralls
6 Noise Marines - blasmaster, plasma gun
1 Oblit
10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ kai gun, power weapon
8 CSM - MoCU, infiltrate, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ fist, combi-flamer, mutation
6 Demonettes
6 Demonettes
6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
Dread - plasma cannon, heavy flamer, mutated hull, extra armor

Loses to New C:CSM

Lord - MoCU, furious charge, power weapon, bolt pistol, speed, aura, strength, spiky, ikon, meltas
Dread - plasma cannon, heavy flamer, mutated hull, extra armor
10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ kai gun, power weapon
8 CSM - MoCU, infiltrate, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ fist, combi-flamer, mutation
6 1k Sons - sorcerer w/ fist, bolt of change, 3 thralls
6 Noise Marines - blasmaster, plasma gun
6 Demonettes
6 Demonettes
6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Oblit


Lord - MoCU, power weapon, bolt pistol, aura, ikon, meltas
Dread - plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor
10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
8 CSM - MoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ fist, combi-flamer
6 1k Sons - sorcerer w/ bolt of change
6 Noise Marines - blasmaster
6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Oblit

I can't say that's such a thrilling update to my list! Since a lot of my toys were taken away now, that's something like 179 points to mess with now (not including the demonettes). Given what I know about the new book, and what I've got working on right now, I think I might end up something like the following. Note that even though demons are utterly bad now, I might still keep some girls, out of dedication to what they once were.

New Codex

Lord - MoK, chainfist, combi-bolter, terminator armor
Dread - plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor
10 CSM - Ikon of CU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
10 CSM - Ikon of CU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ fist, combi-flamer
6 1k Sons - sorcerer w/ force weapon, warptime, bolt of change
6 Noise Marines - blasmaster, sonic blaster
6 Havoks - Ikon of CU, 3 missile launchers
1 Oblit
Land Raider - demonic possession

I guess the list goes up in shooting a bit, but way down in assault with the lose of the girls. I'd be looking at building 2 combat marines, the termi lord and the land raider. Not so bad, and all of the models should be fun to convert and paint. Still, this all doesn't make me a happy Lord of Chaos Undivided >:P


Just edited the new list a bit. Nixed the demonettes entirely, pretty sure points will be tight with adding the land raider and dealing with the cost increase across the board. Thinking about giving my lord, who's a fallen chaplain in the fluff, either the mark of khorne or mark of tzeentch. MoK to rep 'litanies of hate,' though here so he has a massive 4 attaks, as terminator armor apparently no longer gives +1A :P Or MoT to rep the 'cursed crozius' save, as it would give him a 4+ save. Probably go MoK, it's the cheapest I hear. There is no MoCU for characters anymore, they all have Fearless.

Painting: Eshin bases


As of 08.08.07 this blog will be 1 year old ... So time for some zombi-esque revivication!

In the last months I've gone entirely undivided with my Chaos lads, and the army @ 1500 points has been painted for a couple months now :D Perhaps some crappy webcam pics sometime, likely when I get the army badges painted and the models sealed up. I've been playing a lot of Fantasy of late - my Eshin army is approaching 2000 of painted & dipped madness - but with APOC looming it's been good to get some 40k in.

Undivided vs. Nids [1500] - This was some time ago, but had a quick match versus some nice mixed nids. Took his list apart as it came to me, starting with the flyrant and ending with the second group of warriors. Broodlord and buddies hit a flank hard, but fists and Sons took care of them. Another highlight was 2x 20 gaunts headed into my lines second turn (I got second on the roll), but then bouncing off the 10-man and the noise marines. With that many attaks, I was sure I'd lose some squads ... Win for Chaos.

Undivided vs. Tau [1500] - After the weekly mega wrapped up early, me and Tau Kid threwdown 1v1. He took shas'o & 2 friends (fusion, CIB, shields), 3 crisis (flamer, plasma?), 3 crisis (???), 2x 12 fire warriors (marker drone, markerlight), pathfinders & fish, 2x 1 broadside (plasma, shield). He usually goes with a load of kroot too, but apparently not this time around. There's a big building in the center of the board, and he deploys the FW in rocks to either side, and the broadsides on the flanks to max fire lanes. The suits wait to strike ... My guys deploy in cover where possible, and my dread hides from the broadsides behind a hill hard left. 1k Sons stand out of cover, ready to be shot.

Tau get first turn and take it, doing not much of note. Broadsides both miss, despite rerolls and markerlights, and some FW kill a havok in cover. Chaos makes him pay next turn - the oblit vaporizes the right broadside with a lascannon and the 8-man lascannon marine (infiltrated into the center building) frags the left broadside. Some FW die, and the pathfinders take a beating but stay around.

Deep strike time! 1 crisis team comes on and scatters (despite positional relay on the fish!) onto my 10-man, destroying itself! Other shooting is minimal, with the 1k Sons starting to take casualties and the havoks losing 2 more to FW. No girls come to play (good), and Chaos firepower clears the pathfinders and breaks the right FW plaguing the havoks, sending them off the table. The dread crests the hill he was behind and yells a lot, while also plasma cannoning some xenos.

More deep strike! Command suits strike next to the dread, and flamer/plasma suits land near the 1k Sons. The HQ suits stun (no move/no shoot) the dread with BOTH penetrating fusion blasters, but he doesn't have extra armor (O_O) and so is just angry. The 1k Sons take some hurting, I think cut down to sorcerer + 2 sons now. In retaliation, the shas'o's friends are trashed by krak and the flamer/plasma suits are flamed, boltered and plasma'd to small pieces. Some demonettes also arrived, and hung out in the central building.

Things look dicey for the Tau - just the shas'o, a handful of FW and the devilfish left on the table. The shas'o fails to hurt the dread, or escape his charge range ... Chaos fire is mostly held off this turn, letting the dread charge the shas'o and the demonettes hit the FW (in cover). The dread explodes the suit and the ladies gut the last 3 FW.

The rest of the game involved trying to kill the fish, and discovering it had flechette launchers when my girls assaulted it! So lost some demons then, but eventually killed that dead too. Win for Chaos.

Undivided vs. Death Guard [1500] - Grudge match with my friend Studder's DG! Usually we're allies, but hey, fickle gods of Chaos and all that. Some irksome moments in this game too, like my entire army blasting his DP about to smash out of some trees into me, but causing 1 wound total. 2+ save is sick! He hit the 1k Sons and kept them tied for 3 whole turns, eventually killing the squad (with the help of a lone fist AC who ran in turn 4) and the dread who raged into the combat :P The 8-man squad infiltrated with the intention of flanking the mutated las pred, but decided to run it in and fist the tank! 5 turns later, dead tank.

We took this game out to 11 or 12 turns, at which point the defiler was finally killed, after it ate the 10-man squad and then was immobilized inside some woods. I had 4/8 of the 8-man squad, 3/6 of the havoks and all the noise marines left at the end. Win for Undivided (by 500 points + quarters).

Building: Terminator Lord, Land Raider

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

+ Tzeentch Tzucks +

For once a mega-battle went down with sides that made sense ... sorta. Those ultras are so good they're bad, I tell you.

Undivided Chaos & Death Guard & World Eaters & Ultramarines vs. Black Templars & Armored Company & Space Wolves [7500] - Promise to keep this short and focused on my boys in black & brown. We packed the first 5000 points per side onto a 6x4 table with a number of woods scattered around, with the Ultras and Wolves slatted to show up turn 2. Chaos proudly sported 2 statured princes, 2 greater demons and my speed lord, with a couple dreads and a defiler for armored support. Sadly, I failed the first turn roll, and blaimed the 1k Son Sorcerer with his Talisman of Tzeentch ...

Imperial Turn 1 involved hammering those 1k Sons with the demolister, leman russ exterminator and a standard russ, with both templates scattering onto the Sons from their original targets! 4 Sons and a thrall were blasted apart, with the last Son wounded. The infiltrated 8 CSM lost 4 to Templar fire too, despite lurking in the woods, and the only other casualties were the plague marines who infiltrated too close and were assaulted by Templar assault termies from their land raider crusader.

Chaos Turn 1 saw me roll some apocolyptic difficult terrain rolls - 2,1 for the 8CSM and 2,2,1 for the speed lord! - which gutted my dreams of slamming into some Templar who had jumped out of their rhino the turn before. Instead I cooked some shots off at the 10 crusaders, killing maybe 3 with 3 krak rockets, 2 plasma guns, a blastmaster, autocannon, kai gun, 2 flamers and 10 bolters. Luckily the Templar freaked and charged forward, bringing them into assault range! The lord and 4 remnant CSM oblidged and cleaned them out, consolidating back into the woods. Meanwhile, the cursed Sons did nothing, and the dread melted 2 random marines. The rest of the Chaos mostly killed things in combat - the assault termies and began what would be 2 long combats in the center with Templar. Khorne DP killed the Emperor's Chump.

Imperial Turn 2 was more scattering templates around the board, with not too much effect. 3 noise marines may have died this turn, and the obliterator was killed by a lascannon. The Templar bike squad - 3 bikes w/ meltaguns, 3 bikes w/ bolters, 1 attak bike w/ multimelta - a triple lascannon predator and a chimera full of storm troopers fired on my 4 infiltrated CSM, who made save after save and only lost 3 members, leaving the powerfist AC to die in assault. Badass all the same. The bikes consolidated into the speed lord. Otherwise, not a lot else happened for how long it took the Armored Co. general to debate where to shoot ... Oh, the Wolves moved on too. Khorne DP killed the Templar dread.

Chaos Turn 2, and time for reinforcements. Papa Nurgle arrived, along with 2500 in mechanized Ultramarines and a squad of demonettes. The girls came in off the lord and jumped in to help out with the 3 remaining bikes. Noise marines blasted a couple Wolves, havoks kraked the turret off of the pred, dread flipped out and charged through the forest in front of him, and the Sons killed a terminator with cyclone launcher, running out of thralls in the process. The 10 CSM squad can't hurt a rhino after firing everything into its side. The lord killed 1 bike, the girls managed 0 rends with 18 dice and then cause no more wounds, losing 1 girl to the remaining bikers. Khorne DP got to kill some marines with its glaive this turn.

Imperial Turn 3, and the 1k Sons finally bite it. Bad things happen elsewhere on the board - the Nurgle DP dies in assault after killing the basilisk last turn and absorbing half of the Imperial side's firepower - but back on my side a Wolf assault squad hits the girls, who manage 1 rend and then all die either to the marines or instability. The lord killed another bike, and luckily the assault marines were left out of the fight. The defiler also died this turn, and a template found 1 CSM of the 10 squad. The Imperial Lightning flyer appeared this turn too. Khorne DP died.

Chaos Turn 3, my boys last turn before they evac out of the game as usual. The rest of the demonettes arrive off of the lord's ikon, to jump in and help some Ultra assault marines with the Wolves. The Bloodthirster also shows up, exploding a Khorne biker. My dread fire frenzies this turn, vaporizing 2 terminators and flaming the hell out of the Death Guard dread to no effect. The rest of my units all fire at the lightning, resulting in 1 bolter shot that rolled the 6 to hit, as well as 2 overheated plasma guns, 1 of which killed its owner. Well then. My lord killed the last bike, and the Ultras & demonettes vaped the 4 Wolves, turning to face 10 storm troopers in a chimera and 5 Wolf terminators (2 assault cannons) in a land raider. The Ultras were only dismayed when my girls left, along with the rest of my army.

I'm guessing things didn't turn out too great for Evil Team, but I wouldn't give up hope entirely. By the time I left I had the demonettes and speed lord at full strength, 9/10 big CSM squad, 3/6 noise marines, 6/6 havoks and the dread hanging just inside some woods. Death Guard was down to 2 squads of plague marines with minimal casualties, the GUO, a mutated dread and mutated pred. Khorne had the Thirster and possibly a few straggler champs from squads. Ultras had a LOT of razorbacks and 6 man squads left, as well as HQs and heavies scattered along our edge.

So I'd say it comes down to how long people stuck around. The game really dragged on, as the Imperial turn would involve 20+ min of debate and then every combat had to be resolved one at a time. Killed the fun a bit, and meant we got less turns in then larger games I've played of late ...

Painting: 3/6 noise marines done, working on #4

Friday, March 02, 2007

+ Undivided FTW +

It's been a long time coming, but my Chaos army is going undivided, trading out all those unpainted AL cultists for some cult marines - 1k Sons & Noise Marines. Honestly this is happening now because I don't want to paint 30 cultists or the über-rhino, but want my 1500 Chaos army painted and done.


Lord - MoCU, furious charge, power weapon, bolt pistol, speed, aura,
strength, spiky, ikon, meltas, frags = 162


6 1k Sons - Sorcerer w/ powerfist, bolt of change, talisman, 3 thralls = 222

6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, plasma gun = 134

1 Obliterator = 70


10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ kai gun, power weapon = 218

8 CSM - MoCU, infiltrate, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer,
mutation = 207

6 Demonettes = 90

6 Demonettes = 90

Heavy Support

6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers = 150

Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, mutated hull = 157

1500 points

In fact, already used this list last Saturday:

Chaos & Tyranids vs. Eldar & Black Templar [3000] - Nids were huge flyrant, 2 gunfex, 3 zoanthropes and 6x6 'stealers. The Templar were podding in, so the Eldar started on the table, and despite going first were pounded badly in the first turn, losing the avatar, falcon, wraithlord, wraithguard, rangers, etc. to eevil firepower or 'stealer rending. The Templar trickled in over the next couple turns, with the podders disembarking into nice bunched formations, which were barb-strangled, plasma cannoned, heavy flamered and generally shot to pieces.

Chaos highlights: Speed lord killing Karandras in one go, as his demonette escort (all 12) does nothing but scream away. Same happens to the Emperor's Chump the next turn. 3 krak and 2 bolt of change all failing to wound the wraithlord was a downer, but my undivided firepower was so much better with this build that I was actively screwing my 'nid ally out of making assaults by anhilating the squads he had intended to charge! Aahaha!

A disturbingly one-sided game, though a lot of fun. Evil team win. The 1k Son squad made be very happy, though the bolters actually killed as many marines as the BoC did - of 6 bolts fired, 2 didn't wound the wraithlord, 2 killed 2 marines, 1 blew the gun off of a pod and 1 missed. I can dig it, and look forward to more testing. The noise marines were a bit of a let down, but they deployed with a pretty limited LOS and were blocked by a pod turn 2 anyway. The blastmaster was the only thing doing any work, and it killed 3-4 dire avengers total. Meh for now, but more firepower is welcome.

To Paint:
- 1k Son Squad [1 sorcerer, 5 converted necrons, 3 zombie thralls]
- Noise Squad [6 noise marines]

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The ANARCHONQUISTADORES were arrayed for maximum kitchen destruction last night, leading to the least shoddy webcam pics currently possible:

All 1500 points.
And another pic, with cultists at fore.

The Reaver, speed lord and small arms magnet.

One of the two units of demonettes
, loathed by my gaming group. Note matte black skin and bright green tentacle hair (hotness).

Scout cultists
, who should be painted next, but I didn't like the test model and aren't really feeling it.

Cithorax, the lone obliterator.

Dreadnought VORN, with glowy green chainfist, flamer, plasma coils, exhausts, powerplant, top hatch, etc.

My webcam is too crappy to pick up much of the CSM, so no pics of those for now.
But what's an army without accessories:

Matching dice
! Good at rolling The Important Rolls - deployment, first turn, etc - but pretty marginal at hitting, wounding, penetrating ... though that may be me :P

keeps my boys (& girls O_O) company in their army case, and also stays safely hidden from the girlfriend.

Painting: Rhino, 20 assassin cultists, 10 scout cultists.
Will To Paint: Not much.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

+ 'Stealer / 'Cron / Ultra' Death +

Alpha Legion & Da Deffwing & Tau vs. Necrons & Genestealers & Ultramarines [5300] - First game after a month of holidays and traveling on the weekends, and another team slugfest. My standard 1500 point AL list, a brand new 2500 point "Deffwing" (Orky Deathwing) army and about 1300 points in Tau; up against 2250 points of Necrons (no monolith, but with 10 pariahs), 1750 points of Genestealers - *vomit* - and about 1300 in Ultras. We played on two 6x4 tables put side by side, for an 8x6 looong walk to the enemy ...

With so many squads of scuttling 'stealers, and so far to the 'crons and the marines, the first few turns were largely dedicated to killing bugs and trying to have something alive to fight the other 3850 points worth of stuff across the table. The infiltrated Tau stealthsuits bit it first turn to the 'stealers, followed by retaliation fire by the Tau that killed the Brood Lord and friends in the next round. My scout cultists, who were hanging around with the stealthsuits, died next to the two bug squads that ate the Tau, followed by my 10-CSM squad the next round! Thankfully though the 10-CSM squad died to a man - they had taken Destroyer fire for a couple turns now - which left the 2 'stealer squads open for a lot of return fire. This finally cleared up the most pressing infestation and let us focus on the rest of the table ...

Chaos Highlights - Dread fire frenzied in turn one and two! Which equaled dead genestealers to 4x plasma and one dead allied mega-armored ork to 4x heavy flamers! Havoks kraked 'stealers and an Ultra command rhino, then a squad of attak bikes to finish up. The 8-CSM squad hopped out of their ride and cooked some 'nid that had killed the 10-CSM squad before, and their über-rhino did little but survive an Ultra lascannon. The assassin cultists, who now had to summon both demonette squads, infiltrated and then pushed up the far left flank, accompanied by the speed lord and backed up by Tau guns. With the help of a devilfish that blocked Necron warrior fire, the cultists slammed out girls in turn two and three, which backed up the lord in assaulting 16 Necron warriors & the 10 pariahs. Chaos once again had to pull out after turn 3 - I had a club to go to in Philly that night - but my lord & ladies managed to take those 26 necrons down to 5 warriors & 3 pariahs, and would have easily finished them off as by then I had the lord with 2 wounds left and a fresh squad of 5-6 girls in there. From there it would have been a shot right into more warriors, easy kills for my crew ...

Deffwing Highlights - After losing the land raider crusader to a first turn lascannon shot and having the second land raider immobilized by a genestealer charge second turn, things looked a bit grim for the boyz in mega-armor at the beginning. A weak first deep strike - 5 termies w/ assault cannon - didn't help the fact that there was 24-36" to go to get those assault termies into the thick of things, and the Master of Sanctity and bodyguard were hammered pretty badly by enemy fire. Turn 3 saw all the remaining terminator squads deep strike though, with all 3 landing in the enemy deployment zone and focusing fire on annihilating 16 necron warriors on the turn they dropped. Since Chaos pulled out after that turn I haven't the foggiest what carnage went down, but 15 shooty termies in the enemy backfield and 5 in front should have done some bad things - and that's not counting the 5 assault termies grinding through a massive destroyer block on the left side of the board.

Tau Highlights - Uh, he missed a lot with his hammerhead? Seriously though, he saved our butts early on, clearing his side of the board of genestealers (even if he was only facing the Brood Lord, retinue and one other bug squad o_O), throwing fire where he could and blocking for my cultists' advance. His Shas'o also got stuck in with 6 'stealers and held them up for 4 combat rounds (and counting), taking only 1 wound and actually pounding a few apart in return. His 2/4+ saves were really earning their keep, and then he had The Bomb if the bugs ever did kill him. Ninja power!

No idea of the end outcome. Things looked bad for us early in the game, and their was quite a bit to go when I pulled out. Hypothetically, if Chaos hadn't left the building I think we could have done it, but losing 1200 points of killing power was probably too much for my allies to handle.

Painting: Dread is DONE. Scout test model tonight.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

+ 1500 TWEAK II +

Finally midway through painting the dread, and not totally feeling like painting the ultra-rhino right away. Clearly this calls for a list tweak ...


Lord - MoCU, infiltrate, furious charge, power weapon, bolt pistol, aura, speed, mutation, strength, spiky, t. homer, meltas, frags = 177


1 Obliterator = 70


10 CSM - MoCU, infiltrate, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ kai gun, power weapon = 228

8 CSM - MoCU, infiltrate, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer, mutation = 192

20 Assassin Cultists - MoCU, krak, champ w/ power weapon = 175

10 Scout Cultists - MoCU, champ = 75

6 Demonettes = 90

6 Demonettes = 90

Fast Attak

6 Furies = 90

Heavy Support

Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, mutated hull, heavy flamer = 157

6 Havoks - MoCU, infiltrate, 3 missile launchers = 156

1500 points
74 models & 1 dread

Traded the suped-up rhino in for infiltrate on the ex-rhino squad, strength (& a teleport homer, for the hell of it mostly) on the speed lord, and a nice unit of furies to slam into something weak and with heavy weapons ... Dig it, and some spore mines are in the mail to serve as furies.

To Paint:
- dread ccw, dread plasma cannon [Week 1/15]
- 10 scouts [Week 1/22 & 1/29]
- 20 assassins [Week 2/4 & beyond]

To Build:
- 6 furies

Getting close! Stay tuned for a report of this weekend's mass battle sometime this week.