Tuesday, September 25, 2007

+ Nü Chaos > Nids?! +

Threwdown last Friday with my friend Studder's nids, whom I've never beat and generally ally with when possible. I didn't have high hopes for the new Chaos, but I was willing to see what went down.

Undivided vs Tyranids [1500] - Studder took flyrant w/ 2x twin devourers, implants, warpfield, etc; broodlord w/ toxin & retinue; 3x6 genestealers w/ carapace, hooks, talons; 2x1 raveners; 2x gunfexes w/ vc, strangler, etc; 3 AP3 spore mines. The broodlord was a new caveat, usually there's more stealers and some zoanthropes.

We refused each other our flanks, so that we were basically going across the board diagonal. Right to left I had havoks a top level 4+ building, then autocannon CSM in lower floors and oblit nearby; 1k Sons in the open, with lascannon CSM & termi lord behind them, and noise marines a top a building just to their left. The dread went faar left, and the rhino I stuck along the left board edge behind a building, purely to keep the broodlord from my DZ. Nids were, right to left: broodlord & friends, 6 stealers, 6 stealers, ravener, flyrant, fex, stealers, ravener and fex faar left. Turn 1 went to Chaos, as did the rolls for side and deployment ;D

Chaos Turn 1 - Almost no movement, except for dread and oblit scooting for LOS. Blistering Chaos firepower kills 2 stealers (defiler scatter) and wounds the flyrant once (maybe). I was hitting fine, but was plagued with 1's on dice that needed 2+ to wound :x
Nids Turn 1 - Everything moves up fast. 1 fex immobilizes the dread and will waste the rest of its life shooting it, the other one either kills the oblit this turn or next. The flyrant wastes a noise marine or two with it's insane dakka cannons of reroll. Some stealers also hide on the side of a building right outside my zone, forcing me to make a decision to move and engage them ...

Chaos Turn 2 - Which I do, having the Sons stumble around the building's corner. The rhino tankshocks some stealers, who pass and move to the side, and the dread stomps up to cook some bugs. The dread roasts some stealers, charges and kills the rest, with the help of No Retreat! from synapse fearless. He consolidates back into cover. Other fire takes the flyrant down to 2 wounds, knocks a wound off a ravener, and kills a couple of the hiding stealers. Assault goes ok for the Sons, who kill a stealer or two and lose a couple automatons in return.
Nids Turn 2 - Broodlord charges the rhino and shakes it (no move/no shoot) with his posse, and other stealers charge the dread in cover. They remove his ccw, but he kills 1 before it's torn off. Flyrant hits the noise marines, who do nothing to it and are gutted. On a lucky 6" massacre it consolidates into the lascannon CSM & termi lord squad. Fex 1 does nothing to the defiler, and the other fex bounces off the CSM in the building. The stealers pull down all but 1 rubric marine, and the sorcerer finishes the squad off! He consolidates toward the fex ... Oh, and spore mines killed 1 marine from the lascannon CSM before the flyrant hit.

Chaos Turn 3 - No movement, right to shooting. Defiler hammers the stealers on the rhino, killing all of the retinue except 1 and leaving the APC unscathed ;). Havoks and autocannon CSM knock wounds off their fex, and the 1k Son sorcerer kills a ravener with shooting. That fex may have died this turn, it had a lot going into it for 3 turns ... The dread pulverized a stealer with its feet, to no damage back. More stealers die to No Retreat!, leaving 1 in base. The flyrant directs at the termi lord, taking off 2 wounds, but between the AC fist and HQ chainfist the bitch does down. The lord consolidates into the ex-noise marine building, to intercept the other ravener.
Nids Turn 3 - Fex 1 immoblizes the defiler again, locking its turret. The broodlord & 1 friend hits the dread, but just lose 1 stealer. Ravener can't reach the termi lord.

Chaos Turn 4 - Firepower bounces off the living fex, or fails to wound. Termi lord charges the ravener, saves the 1 rend on him and then whiffs his 5 attaks! 1,1,2,1,2 to hit! Dread bites it at last.
Nids Turn 4 - Fex blasts the Sons, killing the last automaton and charging the sorcerer! Everybody can't hit or wound each other. The termi lord is killed by the ravener, because he sucks that hard. The broodlord and lone stealer move along my DZ.

Chaos Turn 5 - Sorc flails at fex, fex misses sorcerer. CSM beginning redeploying to get shots on something late game. Lascannon CSM move up into the noise building and double flame the ravener, killing it.
Nid Turn 5 - Broodlord & stealer charge the lascannon CSM, killing half the squad for the lose of the lone stealer to the fist.

Chaos Turn 6 - More flailing from the sorcer, and missing from the fex. The broodlord eats some marines, killing the squad.
Nid Turn 6 - Broodlord scampers over toward the defiler and waiting guns ... And the sorcerer force weapons the fex! w00000t!

Chaos Turn 7 - Broodlord dies to many guns.


That said, lord sucked it up. Switching to warptime demon prince with MoS. Just better in every way, and more survivable, etc.

Building: Prince
Painting: 2 CSM, defiler, rhino

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