Thursday, September 20, 2007

+ Nü Rampage? +

Had my first game using the Nü Chaos rules (used the list below under "REDUX"), but against that Tau player again. Was a learning experience ...

Undivided vs Tau [1500] - Tau Kid took shas'o w/ CIB, fusion, reserves thing, shield drone; 3 crisis w/ plasma, fusion, multi; 3x 12 fire warriors; 6 pathfinders w/ sms fish; 6 vespid; 3x sniper drone teams; railhead (!).

Terrain was big buildings on the flanks of deployment zones, then a huge building left of board center and a rock coloumn right of board center. We played real line of sight, not area terrain, which really really hurt and I don't feel like doing again!

We'll stick with some highlights, this was last Sat after all!

First turn, his railhead vaporizes my dread. No need to worry about mutated hull being gone! This was a major victory for him, he's never dropped this dread before ;D The railhead goes on to be shaken every turn, and eventually lascannoned by my oblit. The oblit also got a last turn plasma cannon shot on a sniper team - @ 30" just in sight - and broke them off the table. Digging the plasma cannon upgrade, though heavy bolter would have helped clear FW I guess.

Havoks set up HIGH in a building across from 2 sniper teams and 12 FW, and lost 4 marines before I took a turn to back up in the building out of 36" sniper range. From there they fragged the FW, pushing them to the table edge but not off.

Defiler pounded FW squads off the table, contributing to breaking 2 squads and attempting to smash off the third hiding with the snipers. He was untouched by enemy fire, and thinking about it I could have walked him toward snipers with only some fear of glancing death.

1k Sons deployed in the open like I general do, and lost all 5 rubrics to 2 turns of sniper fire and the remnant of a vespid squad that was pulverized by my marines. The kicker? The vespid stingwing assaulted the sorcerer with warptime and killed him. Wow guys. I also realized that the squad is illegal - the sorc can have only 1 power, though for the record I don't even remember if they got to shoot their inferno bolts!

Fire support CSM squad was hammered pretty badly, and striking crisis suits took out the entire unit except for the power weapon AC (pervious Kai gun AC) ... who charged the squad, broke and caught them! He died to sniper fire, but it was a beautiful thing.

Likewise the combat CSM squad moved up through middle terrain with the termi lord, intent on getting to grips with the squishy Tau. About half way I realized I was walking up between 3 snipers once I cleared terrain, as well as his shas'o with CIB. Eventually, the lord died to the shas'o fusion, 5 CSM died to snipers and such, but then the remaining 5 got the charge on the shas'o. Powerfist ftw and it was one dead xenos. Then it was one dead AC.

And the noise marines rarely had range to anything, but rolled amazingly to hit when they could. Don't remember the blastmaster doing anything spectacular, but they held their building.

End Result -> Draw.

So I've got things to learn, and had to change my list up. Gone is warptime and the 2 sonic blasters, in is the old rhino! More to paint! Yeah!

Painting: Termi lord, 2 CSM, defiler, rhino
Future: Sorcerer, land raider

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