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As of 08.08.07 this blog will be 1 year old ... So time for some zombi-esque revivication!

In the last months I've gone entirely undivided with my Chaos lads, and the army @ 1500 points has been painted for a couple months now :D Perhaps some crappy webcam pics sometime, likely when I get the army badges painted and the models sealed up. I've been playing a lot of Fantasy of late - my Eshin army is approaching 2000 of painted & dipped madness - but with APOC looming it's been good to get some 40k in.

Undivided vs. Nids [1500] - This was some time ago, but had a quick match versus some nice mixed nids. Took his list apart as it came to me, starting with the flyrant and ending with the second group of warriors. Broodlord and buddies hit a flank hard, but fists and Sons took care of them. Another highlight was 2x 20 gaunts headed into my lines second turn (I got second on the roll), but then bouncing off the 10-man and the noise marines. With that many attaks, I was sure I'd lose some squads ... Win for Chaos.

Undivided vs. Tau [1500] - After the weekly mega wrapped up early, me and Tau Kid threwdown 1v1. He took shas'o & 2 friends (fusion, CIB, shields), 3 crisis (flamer, plasma?), 3 crisis (???), 2x 12 fire warriors (marker drone, markerlight), pathfinders & fish, 2x 1 broadside (plasma, shield). He usually goes with a load of kroot too, but apparently not this time around. There's a big building in the center of the board, and he deploys the FW in rocks to either side, and the broadsides on the flanks to max fire lanes. The suits wait to strike ... My guys deploy in cover where possible, and my dread hides from the broadsides behind a hill hard left. 1k Sons stand out of cover, ready to be shot.

Tau get first turn and take it, doing not much of note. Broadsides both miss, despite rerolls and markerlights, and some FW kill a havok in cover. Chaos makes him pay next turn - the oblit vaporizes the right broadside with a lascannon and the 8-man lascannon marine (infiltrated into the center building) frags the left broadside. Some FW die, and the pathfinders take a beating but stay around.

Deep strike time! 1 crisis team comes on and scatters (despite positional relay on the fish!) onto my 10-man, destroying itself! Other shooting is minimal, with the 1k Sons starting to take casualties and the havoks losing 2 more to FW. No girls come to play (good), and Chaos firepower clears the pathfinders and breaks the right FW plaguing the havoks, sending them off the table. The dread crests the hill he was behind and yells a lot, while also plasma cannoning some xenos.

More deep strike! Command suits strike next to the dread, and flamer/plasma suits land near the 1k Sons. The HQ suits stun (no move/no shoot) the dread with BOTH penetrating fusion blasters, but he doesn't have extra armor (O_O) and so is just angry. The 1k Sons take some hurting, I think cut down to sorcerer + 2 sons now. In retaliation, the shas'o's friends are trashed by krak and the flamer/plasma suits are flamed, boltered and plasma'd to small pieces. Some demonettes also arrived, and hung out in the central building.

Things look dicey for the Tau - just the shas'o, a handful of FW and the devilfish left on the table. The shas'o fails to hurt the dread, or escape his charge range ... Chaos fire is mostly held off this turn, letting the dread charge the shas'o and the demonettes hit the FW (in cover). The dread explodes the suit and the ladies gut the last 3 FW.

The rest of the game involved trying to kill the fish, and discovering it had flechette launchers when my girls assaulted it! So lost some demons then, but eventually killed that dead too. Win for Chaos.

Undivided vs. Death Guard [1500] - Grudge match with my friend Studder's DG! Usually we're allies, but hey, fickle gods of Chaos and all that. Some irksome moments in this game too, like my entire army blasting his DP about to smash out of some trees into me, but causing 1 wound total. 2+ save is sick! He hit the 1k Sons and kept them tied for 3 whole turns, eventually killing the squad (with the help of a lone fist AC who ran in turn 4) and the dread who raged into the combat :P The 8-man squad infiltrated with the intention of flanking the mutated las pred, but decided to run it in and fist the tank! 5 turns later, dead tank.

We took this game out to 11 or 12 turns, at which point the defiler was finally killed, after it ate the 10-man squad and then was immobilized inside some woods. I had 4/8 of the 8-man squad, 3/6 of the havoks and all the noise marines left at the end. Win for Undivided (by 500 points + quarters).

Building: Terminator Lord, Land Raider

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