Thursday, October 18, 2007

+ List Update +

Been playing Fantasy or doing real life stuff, but I did retouch the whole 1500 army and varnished them at last. Looking at my kai gun AC I realized how much I like him, and how much I want my HQ to reach out and touch somebody. That, and I don't want to paint my demon prince, though the beast is built. Anyway, here's a new list that takes minimal painting:

Chaos Lord - MoT, deathscreamer

Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor

10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
10 CSM - MoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
6 1k Sons - Sorcerer w/ bolt of change
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, AC w/ power weapon

6 Havoks - MoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Obliterator

1500 points

Yep, being lazy and putting off the rhino again. Note that it was built well over a year ago! I can't remember if it or the defiler is older, but the defilotron is all that needs paint to see my Chaos back at 1500 again. Look forward to that, just not to painting that big spider walker :P

Have a game this Saturday, either a rematch against Tau or a grudgematch against his fledgling 1k Sons army. Will keep you updated on the carnage.

Also, got my hands on 3 new terminators, and tossed them together a couple weekends ago:

3 Terminators - MoCU, 3 combi-plasmas, 2 powerfists, 1 chainfist = 150 points of love

Painting: Defiler
Building: APOC reinforcements

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