Monday, December 10, 2007

+ Karnage Kontinues +

Another two weeks, another two throwdowns, and the tourny this Sat should be Mayhem x3.

Undivided & 1k Sons vs Eldar [2500] - The prism Eldar were back in full force: biketarch + spears; spidertarch + 10 spiders; 10 harlies; 10 hawks; some scorpions; 4x 6 pathfinders; 3x loaded prisms. My chaos was as before, less the 1k Sons, and teamed up with 1200 points of fledgling 1k Sons: jump warptime/doombolt sorc; 3x 7 Sons + warptime sorc in rhinos; las dread.

Deployment had me on the left and Sons to the right, with smattering of pointy ears across from us (but lots of bad in front of Sons). Eldar were catty and redeployed away from my firebase and to the killy flank, leaving just 3 squads of snipers and a prism to be eradicated by my whole army. Meanwhile, the Sons boosted forward, hoped out and gunned down some clowns, 1 spear and the other sniper unit. In retaliation the harlies and spears killed his army out from under him, leaving all the nasty zooming into my corner, though less 1 spear and 7 harlies.

My boys bunkered up in some ruins and prepared for it, but then the dread flipped out twice in a row (!) and accounted for a few marines and a wound on the deathscreamer. From here the Eldar were either move-shoot-moving or hit-and-running behind a wall of terrain and wrecked rhinos, meaning I lost anything that tried to engage them and had no shots in return. The havoks fell early to harlies, then the defiler fleeted in and charged the clowns, only to be haywired (which I learned afterwards they don't have!). The deathscreamer pushed out and made contact with the last 3 harlies, but disaster struck and he rolled a 1 for the demon, which meant the clowns flipped away and killed more marines and the spiders razored the man to death.

Around Turn 12 the game ended with the last of the noise marines and fisty CSM holed up some ruins, with everything killy zipping in from all sides. A heroic last stand, but not much else.

Eldar Win

Undivided vs Tau [1500] - Time to test out some Tau tournament options, specifically: loner shas'o w/ drone; 2x 3 suicide crisis suits (fusion/flamer & fusion/plasma); 5x stealths; 8 pathfinders w/ warfish; 2x 12 fire warriors; 6 vespid; 3x sniper teams. My chaos cracked their knuckles and faced off. He deployed all 3 sniper teams on one half of the table, so I heavy deployed to the other side, leaving just the dread to handle that side. Amazingly, my faith was not misplaced ...

Tau started, and scrapped most of the 1k Sons and a couple of the fisty CSM squad advancing hard right with the deathscreamer. Chaos retaliated by vaporizing the vespid in front of the fisty squad, and then having the dread fire frenzy into some fire warriors in ruins (I had blocked LOS from the dread to my army just in case). 2 plasma shots later and 10 (!) blue xenos were toast. The dread went on to kill a sniper team in 1 shot, break another the next turn, and stomp a last squad to paste in Turn 6. Hooah!

Elsewhere things weren't necessarily so cheery. Suicide suits killed the defiler after it had killed 1 fire warrior, then were pummeled by the obliterator's fists. Other suits dropped and wasted 7/10 of the shooty CSM squad then were hacked up in combat, and the Sons were easily whipped Turn 2 (though sucked up two failed target priority tests in a row). The fisty squad + lord kept pushing right flank, but HQ suit and stealths whittled it down to just the lord, who could never spot the stealths to show them his deathscreamer. He did get to pound on the pathfinders though, killing them before falling to the stealth team at last. Havoks krak'd the devilfish easy, then commenced fragging the other fire warriors down to below half.

In the end heavy loses on both sides left very few scoring Tau units but my noise, havoks, oblterator and dread untouched. Which mattered, as we were counting quarters @ 100 points each ...

Chaos (Minor) Win

Painting: Lord, Defiler

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