Monday, January 28, 2008


The Anarcho boys have been busy in the last 1+ months, so a recap to update ya'll.

RTT back in December was a good 3 games for $5, but I think I prefer more relaxed one off games a little better meself (we had 2.5 hours for each game, but my longest match lasted 1.5 hours):

Undivided vs Iron Warriors [1500] - Game was Cleanse, on the lava board. We both dinked heavy weapons at each other, losing vehicles and the odd marine. His T6 demon prince got behind my lines and chewed along, and try as I might I could only strip 3 of its 4 wounds off with lucky 6's, giving the IW a minor victory. Dread was up to its usual shenanigans, losing his plasma cannon and then fire frenzying twice in a row, gutting the demon squad with righteous zeal.

Chaos (Undivided) Loss

Undivided vs Necrons [1500] - Game was Kill Everything, on a table covered in small ruins. We both deployed heavy to opposite flanks, with a few units mid and far to play with each other. My dice were HOT, and I shot the demon squad into 1 of 3 spyders in turn 2, ate it and then continued eating necrons in combat (with no power weapons, just 36 attaks) until the lord and flayed ones charged in late game. End game had us facing off across the table largely out of range, but massive point skew in my favor. Dread fire frenzy once in turn 6, but my CSM made their 4+ cover save against his sneaky bid to help the robots.

Chaos Win

Undivided vs Necrons [1500] - Game was Suicide Squad, and I elected my 1k Sons as they live an average of 1.7 turns every game. He picked 10 warriors, and that was the only squad I destroyed all game (though I dropped the monolith second turn). I only managed a handful of immortals and warriors, worth no points ultimately, and had everything but my lord, demons and armless dread gaussed to small pieces. Painful lesson in how tough 'crons can be.

Chaos Loss

Clearly did only so-so in the RTT, but wasn't in it to win it given how my CSM army is built.
A few weeks later I teamed up with the 1k Sons again to take on the New Orks @ 3000 points, and left the girls at home to fit the defiler and its battlecannon into the mess.

Undivided & 1k Sons vs Orks [3000] - Going up against 3k of greenskins we expected to be outnumbered 3-4x, but then when the cases opened the backbone of the ork horde was a dreadbash! 2 deff dreads, 9 killa kans, all under a kustom force field! But then there was a pretty decent waaagh behind them: 30 sluggas, 2 trukk mobs, biker boss, full lootas, SAG mek, Old Zogwort, max stormies, load of grots, 3 lobbas, 3 koptas ... So we were still outnumberd 2 to 1 ;D

Chaos got first turn and the defiler opened up and crunched a trukk mob, rolling a 6 on the ordnance damage chart and vaporizing the trukk and crew. The radius wrecked 7 stormies and made things better in general. From there we shot orks, they shot us and moved forward, and the game hung in the balanace as the few Chaos elites dwindled and the dreadbash showed no signs of stopping. The 1k Sons 3x 10 demon squads hammered into the sluggas + Zogwort, grinding them until Zog teleported them away, which let the demons eat the lobbas and then lock the lootas for the rest of the game.

Rest of the game dealt some lethal blows to the Orks, with the stormies being shot to death (after eating my dread, who stupidly raged forward first turn to help them out), the T6 biker boss eventually being force weaponed by the 1k Son commander, and Old Zog teleporting away again only to have his sluggas stripped off and himself shot to bits. End game saw the 2 Chaos commanders pounding grots as the remnants of the dreadbash either smashed up my shooty CSM squad or died to the fist in the combaty CSM squad. Orks called it game then, though it was a bloody one for both sides.

Chaos Win

The Anarchonquistadores have also taken part in 2 Apocalypse games as well, one at 30,000+ per side and the newest at 50,000+ per side. The next post should cover my part in those fiascos, which mostly involves fielding 8 Kharn the Betrayers and watching the mayhem unfold.

Painting: Yhetees
Building: Dread #2

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