Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The ANARCHONQUISTADORES were arrayed for maximum kitchen destruction last night, leading to the least shoddy webcam pics currently possible:

All 1500 points.
And another pic, with cultists at fore.

The Reaver, speed lord and small arms magnet.

One of the two units of demonettes
, loathed by my gaming group. Note matte black skin and bright green tentacle hair (hotness).

Scout cultists
, who should be painted next, but I didn't like the test model and aren't really feeling it.

Cithorax, the lone obliterator.

Dreadnought VORN, with glowy green chainfist, flamer, plasma coils, exhausts, powerplant, top hatch, etc.

My webcam is too crappy to pick up much of the CSM, so no pics of those for now.
But what's an army without accessories:

Matching dice
! Good at rolling The Important Rolls - deployment, first turn, etc - but pretty marginal at hitting, wounding, penetrating ... though that may be me :P

keeps my boys (& girls O_O) company in their army case, and also stays safely hidden from the girlfriend.

Painting: Rhino, 20 assassin cultists, 10 scout cultists.
Will To Paint: Not much.

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