Monday, February 25, 2008

+ 2000 On the Horizon +

If it weren't for forge world being ridiculously slow and me more interested in fantasy, I'd already be at 2000 with the boys in black. All the same, we're getting close to bringing in the toys for some bigger battles.

Chaos Lord - MoT, deathscreamer
Demon Prince - MoS, warptime, icon

3 Terminators - IoCU, 3 combi-plasmas, 2 powerfists, chainfist, AC
Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor
Dreadnought - Missile launcher, heavy flamer, extra armor

10 CSM - IoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
10 CSM - IoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, sonic blaster, NC w/ power weapon
6 1k Sons - AS w/ doombolt

Land Raider - Demonic possession
6 Havoks - IoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Obliterator

2000 points

Painting: N/A
Building: Ogres

+ Fantasy Break = Tau Death +

Been heavy into fantasy for about the last month, gaming with my nurglings and got my ogres painted up to 1000 at long last. Finally took a blast into the future to have a rematch vs those persistant Tau, and was nice to see the evil marines on the table again.

Undivided vs Tau [1500] - Chaos was the usual 1500, with the girls not the defiler. Tau was shas'el, 2x 3 crisis (plasma / fusion), 2x 12 fire warriors, 6 pathfinders + warfish, railhead, ionhead, 3x sniper teams. Note the lack of xenos buddies and the mass of points in the vehicles.

Chaos won first turn and commenced to roll very well for hits and only decently for wounds (many 1's). Break down by unit:

Lord - deathscreamer buzzed down a couple fire warriors, killed and broke a sniper team and took a wound to try to keep the noise marines he was with scoring

Dread - plasma missed, then he was shaken a bunch and killed by both deep striking crisis teams

Fisty CSM - shot twice all game, 1 lascannon that missed a fire warrior and 1 lascannon that killed the ionhead

Shooty CSM - took a lot of damage from railhead (because I didn't move them into cover first turn), autocannon proceeded to kill a couple fire warriors and down the railhead with double glances, proving that the AC marine is the freaking man

1k Sons - died like always, but not before killing 2 sniper drones and killing/breaking a crisis team (which means they actually made their 185 points back for once)

Noise Marines - blastmaster killed some fire warriors, but then they proceeded to get knocked below half while trying to escort the lord into kill range of the JSJ crisis suits

Lesser Demonettes - summoned in, lost 5 to pulse rifles but then tore 12 fire warriors apart, then ran toward the remaining fire warrior squad and the three girls who survived pulse fire ate those tau as well

Havoks - fragged a few fire warriors in rocks, shook the ionhead and then had no more targets the rest of the game

Oblit - shook the railhead, then became slow and purposeless and played no further part in the game

Chaos Win*

Brings me to 2-0-2 against these blue + white tau boys

*Things looked a lot like a draw, but my elite CSM really pack in the points and with partial squads surviving I had outkilled the xenos scum