Friday, September 22, 2006

+ Death Kontinues +

Couple more mini-batreps from the last few weeks.

Alpha Legion & Worldeaters & Orks vs. Tyranids [4500] - Loss, and that's going all of us versus one guy's 'nid army. My lads were only able to stick it out until the end of our turn 2 (had to go home and tend to the girlfriend), and didn't really manage anything spectacular in that time. Killed some genestealers and a ravener or two, and the dread killed itself slamming into a warrior squad it couldn't instant death to bitz. Have to say I'm not a fan of that synapse ignoring instant death rot ... Anyway, Legionnaires pulled out early and apparently things went south from there. Meh.

Alpha Legion vs. Space Wolves [1500] - Draw, against an army I didn't feel too great about going in. Opponent's (gorgeous) Wolves army was recently switched over to more assaulty - bike squad, HQ bike squad, 2 rhino squads, 3 tornados, dakka russ, ven dread, BIG walking squad - and he claimed he didn't know how to use it. In the end, we agreed luck, or his lack of it, was the deciding factor for the most part. Example: after charging forward and mashing some bikes to bits, my dread is left facing his 10 strong squad with 2 fists and 1 meltagun. He rolls snake eyes for pen with the melta, then charges and fails to pen with 4 fist attaks. My dread kills 1 wolf, outnumbers and breaks the squad, catching and killing it. Next turn my dread frenzies into his ven dread, fragging it but losing it's cannon and being immobilized. This effectively shut down half his army, leaving the exterminator to continue mowing my cultists away. Honestly happy with a draw against Wolves.

Paint Update: 10/10 CSM squad done, 6/6 daemonette squad done, 2/8 CSM squad done! Now just need new camera batteries!

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