Wednesday, October 08, 2008

+ Back to the Future +

Grad school powers on, though while I've been able to get in a game every week or so and a tiny bit of modeling time, it's been 100% Fantasy. Besides the fluff 40k is really not doing anything for me, new SM codex or not (might be part of the problem in fact!). BUT I do love my spiky marines, and since I was back in PA a couple weeks back, it was time for a throwdown.

Anarchonquistadores vs PSU Space Marines [2000] - I took the standard 2k "Walkers & Biker" list. He had libby (terminator, fear, stormshield) w/ 7? terminators (2x asscans), jump chappy w/ 9-10 assault marines (fist, flamers), elite inquisitor w/ shooty retinue (plas, 2 heavy b's, sages), 5 tactical (las), 8 tactical (plas / plascan), 2 tornados, 2 dreads (1 las/ml, 1 asscan), 5 scouts (snipers, ml), 10 sisters.

Game rolled up as 2 Objectives, Quarters deployment. I won The Roll and took it, stranding him in a quarter with just a hill and a ruin (his objective there), while mine had a bigger ruin (my objective there) and a smattering of 5+ cover wrecked ship pieces. Shooty CSM + havoks bunkered down on my objective with the defiler hulking half behind the ruin, other stuff pushed as close to the center and left quarter as possible - apparently I thought I was going to walk over and take his objective? With so little terrain on his side his shooty INQ + las tacticals went in the objective bunker, the plasma tac on the hill, sisters to the front and assault marine / chappy deathstar behind the hill. Dreads flanking, termies striking, scouts infiltrated their krak near enough to make my defiler sweat.

I think I got first turn? Frankly things are pretty hazy with this game, so just the briefest of run downs. The scouts were hammered off the board by the shooty CSM + havoks (nothing much else to shoot when playing corner to corner), I lost the missile dread early to his twin-las dread, the girls came down turn 2 and assaulted his sisters, fluffing pretty badly. The biker lord had charged in to assist, rolled the 1 to punch himself in the face, and was eviscerated (S6+2 for that act of faith) for his troubles.

On the upside he had hoped his assault star behind the sisters and was praying on 4+ cover saves to save him, but no luck there. A blistering amount of fire from me left just the chappy standing, who would charge the remnants of the fisty CSM (punished by his plasma squad) and be fisted by the now-lone champ. In an epic throwdown his asscan dread was charged by my plasma dread, and drunkenly poor rolling by my evil dread resulted in him being pulped by the loyalist a couple rounds later. Then the big blue & white dread charged the noise marines ... only to have his combat arm krak'd off! 6 (to hit), 6 (to glance), 5 (to destroy a weapon) for the win! And with that he was good and stuck.

Special commendation here for the defiler, who hit 5 times in a row, relentlessly smashing the shooty elements on his objective across the table. This left him late game with the las dread angling for targets in my left quarter, 2 tactical marines claiming his objective and the INQ hiding underneath as well, the asscan dread locked in combat, and the terminators finally showing up automatically in Turn 5, dropping as near to my objective as they dared. The libby tried to fear of the darkness some spiky marines off the table, but IoCU kept everybody happy. Return fire cooked the terminator-star down to the libby + 4 termies? Which was then charged by the defiler who had fleeted over and the deathscreamer, resulting in dead terminators and the libby making a run for it. The defiler ran over and squished him in Turn 7.

End result went down to victory points, and I think I had pulled off a ...


... though perhaps it was a draw after all?

All the same, was nice to get the boys out again, though 40k still isn't as exciting for me as fantasy right now. There's a 1500 40k tournament being hosted at my school in Nov and people expect me to show up (not too many 40kers in the area I suppose :P), so I just might, hardly-mobile CSM army and all.

Building: Nurgley Skaven 2250
Painting: Nurgley Skaven 2250?

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