Thursday, November 19, 2015


Time to let this flesh hound out of the bag: I'm building a Kings of War army. Without having played a single game, nor watched it live! There are reasons - KoW has points + clearly defined list building rules, as well as a very liberal approach to choice of models; gameplay is familiar from WHFB, particularly the combination of blocks + dice - but we can gloss over those for now.

While I could use my Skaven as Ratkin in a heartbeat (and I'll likely return to them), and I've already whipped up some lists to get my Tizz Daemons on the table as extremely shooty Abyssals, it's easier to find hobby time than game time, and I do like building armies. You know what else I like? The new AoS Khorne dudes ...

So Varangur it is! Here's the initial list:

Reavers Regiment (20)
> Chieftain - Brutal
Reavers Regiment (20)
> Magus - Bane-Chant, Famulus
Reavers Regiment (20)
> Skald on Mount - Diadem of Dragon-Kind

Packs of frothing loonies with some dudes to keep them in line, juice them up and/or kill stuff themselves. Maybe horrible, plus points may shift a bit when Uncharted Empires lands next week. Ignoring both of those inconveniences, I have the list planned out to 2000, and am excite.

At this point, I've summoned about 1200 points of Bloodbound ...

... scrounged up all the square bases needed for this first round, ordered fancy steel trays from Shogun Miniatures, and got the Chieftain and Skald cleaned and assembled:

Both need their gaps filled, and you'll notice Korgath is missing a shin! A packing mishap that is being rectified. Korgs has also lost his obnoxious KHORNE back banner - I feel like he's inspiring enough as is! I'll round out the characters with a converted bloodletter for the Magus. Because blood magicks don't count o_O

Early days yet. Moving apartments next week, so we'll see how much mold line scrapping I can get done in that time.

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