Tuesday, August 08, 2006

+ Eye of Terror: 3 Years Later +

Long, painful story short(er): I stockpiled and started building an Alpha Legion army - the Iron Hydras led by Chaos Lord Severus Gaal - for the Eye of Terror 40k campaign, and happily squeeked out a win in the first game against some Iron Warrior scum. The next battle went less well, being massacred by the same Iron Warriors, but that wasn't totally unexpected. Then came game three, versus a friend (who had never played 40k before) playing Dark Angels (an army he had never played with before). Cutting to the gruesome end, ol' Severus was riddled with bullets and left for dead on the wastes of Scarus, as were most of his Iron Hydras. Queue the next army ...

2 years later and I had returned to the Legion, slimming down the list considerably - no more 15-marine squad madness! - but making sure to keep it nice, fluffy and generally ineffective. Naturally, a couple more loses followed, so the Legion drifted away again ...

Finally, got around to bashing together another list, building more cultists :D, and painting the blighters! After failing at a more traditional Alpha color scheme, I went with a super-muted, highlight-free, infiltratory (maybe?) scheme for my Anarchonquistadores.

Pics, batreps, painting to follow.

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