Thursday, May 01, 2008

+ This is My Scheming Face +

Here's an update on what I've been busy with, as it hasn't been too much related to my CSM sadly. I'm really burning to get another game in with them soonish, but in the mean time I've been assembling a rebuild of my 2000 point Eshin Skaven fantasy army, which will hit the painting block in a big way over the next month. I'm also working on the second half of my 2000 point Ogre fantasy army, so that's more painting that isn't black & brown & evil.

However I do intend to get back to my spiky boys after all this fantasy nonsense.
Unpainted I currently have:
- Demon Prince / Greater Demon (carnosaur conversion)
- 8 Possessed w/ MoS
- Land Raider (FW chaos arrow tracks, AL doors)
- 8 Kharn the Betrayer conversions
- Rhino
- Terminator Lord
- Sorcerer w/ jump pack

And these two I'm just waiting on one piece each:
- "Silver Tower" (GW rules here, but I've tweaked them a bit to make it Undivided and cheaper)
- Dreadnought #3

Very excited about the superheavy, but will hold off more commentary until I can blog it's build here ;)

Painting: Nurglings
Building: Balthirster

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RonSaikowski said...

Now that's what I want to see... the Silver Tower. I'll be watching for those updates for sure.