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+ Death By Dice +

First off, here's the 2000 point list I've been using and intend to use for the next several games. 100% painted, including the FW Death Guard dread that I picked up painted for $40. Little bit of touch up, a rebasing and "Korgoth the Loner" has joined my rampaging crew.

Chaos Lord - MoCU, demon weapon, bike, icon
Chaos Lord - MoT, deathscreamer, icon

3 Terminators - IoCU, 3 combi-plasmas, 2 powerfists, chainfist
Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor
Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, extra armor

10 CSM - IoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
10 CSM - IoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, sonic blaster
6 1k Sons - AS w/ doombolt
8 Lesser Demons

6 Havoks - IoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Obliterator

1999 points

Threw down with the previous Sisters player last night, and a more depressing game would be hard to find, at least as far as my dice were concerned. I rolled an obscene amount of 1's and 2's, particularly whenever I rolled to hit (3+), wound (3+) or save (3+). If I had a chance to fail, I did. There were a few units who didn't gimp out, but the general feel of the game was one of 'WTF CHAOS COME ON!' ...

Undivided vs Witch Hunters [2000] - Game was VP + 500 points each for having more scoring units within 6" of two objectives mid-field. WH brought a variation of the previous list, this time with: jump cannoness, 2x 7 seraphim, big mob of stormboltery sisters, 2x smaller flamer/melta sisters, INQ w/ 2 heavy bolters, 2 exorcists, 14 repentia, 3 penitents, callidus. Yep, he manned up and took the freak show units :D

Rather than turn by turn, let's break it down by my units:

Biker Lord - Waited a turn, then slammed into the repentia for maximum carnage. Demogauntlet rolled a 1 and he took a wound. Next round, demogauntlet rolled a 1 and he took a wound. The repentia's mistress kindly power whipped him out of his misery. For those keeping track, the biker lord in 3 games has now rolled 1,1,2,6,3,1,2,1,1. 1's 55% of the time ...

Deathscreamer Lord - Hung with the noise marines at first, rolling a 1 for his first volley (and taking a wound of course) and then a 3 shots / 3 hits / 3 wounds the next shooting round. He countercharged some seraphim about mid-game, killing 1 and breaking them, then tore all 3 wounds off of the callidus next round. Following turn he moved up and shot down 1 of the 2 rallied seraphim, then charged and gutted the other one. He died the next turn to 7 bolter wounds, of which I failed to save the 2 needed to drop him.

Terminators - Homered in turn 3, and 6 plasma shots onto some sisters in 5+ cover turned into 2 overheats / 4 hits, which turned into 0 dead termies / 0 dead sisters. 2 termies died to return bolter fire, and the chainfister charged in to pummel some chicks. 2 attaks from the girls = 1 hit = 1 wound = 1 failed save. There was gratuitous celebrating from the WH general but I for one wasn't surprised.

AL Dread - Fire frenzied turn 2 and killed 2 havoks (with the heavy flamer!), then charged in to crunch the cannoness. 3 rounds of invincible 2+ saves later and she was pulp. Then the dread was mashed by all the repentia, cooking 1 after he went nuclear.

DG Dread - Fire frenzied turn 1 and killed 1 1k Son. Plasma did nothing to inv 3+ seraphim, missed a lone meltagun girl or couldn't be shot due to blood rage. In fact, he blood raged twice, so that's 3 of 6 turns that I technically couldn't control him, but that's cool with me. He crunched the meltagunner and stood on the left objective, blood raging out turn 6 to stomp and catch the remainder of the big sister squad, then consolidate back within 6" of the objective. A job well done from my new (adopted) baby.

Fisty CSM - Lascannon vapped one exorcist turn 2, then with seraphim breathing down their neck the squad mobilized and rapid-fired into the chicks ... and killed 1 out of 9 wounds before saves. After 3 flamer templates and a combo-charge from the seraphim and callidus, and with the help of the deathscreamer, 3 CSM emerged triumphant for some late game butchery. With the big sister squad in sight they killed maybe 1 from shooting and then in combat lost 2 CSM to returns from the sisters and then the fist was run down. For the loss of 1 sister after the fist hit with 1 of 4 attaks (on 3+).

Shooty CSM - Moved up into 5+ cover first turn and commenced shooting stuff for the next 4 turns. Autocannon + plasma gun accounted for 2 penitent engines sprinting for them, but then over the next turns of fire only 2-3 sisters were killed total. BUT the plasma gunner did kill himself, so that's something ... Only saving grace was the AC and 2 CSM mobilizing and charging 5 sisters, the CSM totally wiffing but the AC wounding with 4 of his 4 attaks. Girls broke and fled but were shot down in the last turn.

Noise Marines - The theme of bolters being loaded with rubber bullets continued, and with a lackluster showing from the blastmaster the noisy boys didn't accomplish much. Blasted away maybe 2-3 girls from various places and harassed the INQ team. Blastmaster survived but his buddies ate divine bolter death.

1k Sons - First turn, killed 1 sister with 5 inferno shots. Second turn, killed 0 seraphim with 8 inferno shots + 3 doombolts. Then died to flamers and S4 shots.

Demons - Came down turn 2 and I just managed a charge on a group of seraphim after the penitents were wrecked. Seraphim boosted initiative and killed 1 demonette, and then 15 demon attaks = 0 wounds. The seraphim hopped away and the demons were stripped down to 2 demons, who charged the tail end of the big sister squad ... and did nothing with 6 attaks. In fact, with 2 girly attaks the sisters killed 1 demon and popped the other with outnumbering. Sad.

Havoks - Forget what they did first turn, not much I'd guess. Turn 2 kraked the last penitent engine, then were charged by some seraphim. With the help of the defiler 2 missile launcher dudes lived to frag 1 wound on the INQ and frag out the repentia's mistress before succumbing to the storm of eviscerators.

Defiler - Of 3 battlecannon blasts, rolled 0 hits and managed 6,5,2 for scatter. Accounted for I think 3 girls total, then another 3 seraphim in combat (hurr!), and then 1 repentia before being sawed through and detonating 6".

Oblit - Happily hit 5 of 6 shots, repeatedly against the other exorcist. Immobilized / stunned it, then stripped the launcher, then couldn't penetrate or missed, then decided to shoot the INQ team. I'm cool with that, made back his points and kept the exorcist quiet.

In the end, I had The Loner standing near one objective, the oblit and the blastmaster hanging out in some ruins and 3 members of the shooty CSM over in some 5+ cover. WH had the repentia near the other objective and 1 hurting exorcist.


At some point I said all my bad rolling was too much like real life - you try hard to get things to work out but then it all goes to hell. Despite pulling a draw out of this game I think I'll be playing fantasy for the next month as I paint ogres ;P

Painting: 2 Leadbelchers
Building: Balrog Bloodthirster

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