Tuesday, April 01, 2008

+ Biker Lord Rides At Last +

Pics are pretty poorly lit, but the man is done and awaiting dullcote ...

Painting: Land Raider?
Building: Dread #2?


RonSaikowski said...
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RonSaikowski said...

Sorry about my previous post... I like the look. Very dark and sinister looking, even with the less than desireable lighting. Black can be a tough color to do well sometimes, this is nice. Very clean too.

Rayne said...

Ace paiting and converting and all of the model is breathtaking.
Keep up the good work.

Boss Salvage said...

Thanks lads, cheers for the comments, gets a bit lonely over here sometimes ;D

My lads are actually matte black + brown (+ white + scorp green bits), though black is the primary color. Pity about the lighting is you can't make out the edging highlights on the brown tank / front panel of the bike.

I saw your own black marines digging through your blog today Ron, very nice. I was just prepping the raider and thinking about your comment "if I paint more black power armor my head is going to explode"

- Salvage

RonSaikowski said...

That's why I haven't used one drop of black paint in my Emperor's Children. It's actually been quite a challenge to work without it.