Saturday, February 14, 2009

+ SITREP: Square Base Hell +

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated ...

Been embroiled in a fantasy escalation league, just heading into the last 4 weeks this Monday. We've finally hit 2000, and my ogres are currently tied for 2nd place with skaven and vamps out of about 14 players. The undefeated dark elves are riding high in 1st, and I'm up against them just to make my run for 2nd all the more nailbiting. Then again, maybe my tyrant can teach those hating delves how it's done.

Beyond the ogres - who badly need paint, they're still where the little chart puts them :'P - I've been taking the nurgley skaven out for the non-league action. Played in a local tourny last week and took 2nd (of 6), along with $15. The modeling really propeled me up there, though I did go 1:1:1 which is pretty standard for this army. Loss vs Thorek @ 2000, Win vs Orcs & Gobs @ 1500, Draw vs Hydra Dark Elves @ 1000. Next weekend is another fantasy RTT back in Pennsylvania, will be playing the skaven @ 2250 for the first time. Not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping the WLC and 15 globadiers kill something (besides themselves)!

The CSM did get to leave their case since October though, for APOC VI: Extinction of the Eldar back on Jan 3. 24000 points a side, Chaos + Friends vs Eldar + Eldar + Eldar. Spammed special characters all over the place, most heinously a squad of wraithguard with 2 Eldrad, 2 Maugan Ra, 2 Iyanden Guy. Easily killed Angaroth the Unbound and were pretty much untouched otherwise. The most scarring damage I received was vs 2 dark reaper exarchs with crack shot tempest launchers. And that has NOTHING to do with APOC craziness, just eldar insanity.

I'm told I can expect to play 40k when I'm in town in a week, despite my general dislike of the game system. That said, I do have some things I'd like to add to the ever patient boys in black and brown. You know, after the skaven are done (this week), the ogres get painted at last (by June), and I guess I do some school work.

- 8 Possessed
- Demosaurus
- Land Raider
- Rhino

- Obliterator #2
- 3 1k Sons
- CSM Squad #3
- Alpha Legion Dread #3 (blastmaster + ccw)
- Deathstrike

We'll see what I can get to. Most likely the oblit and more Sons will happen, because what the army needs is a) lascannons / plasma and b) more troops. Sadly this would come at the cost of the biker lord, but he's the most flukey model I've got - even worse than "Fluffy" the gorger for my ogres, who consistently hits with 0-1 out of 4 attaks every time he swats at something ... but at least he doesn't hurt himself!

But even that short list is subject to change, as I've got a 2250 point Warriors of Tzeentch army in my closet that I desperately want to hurl myself into building & painting, but am being good and getting skaven / ogres up to speed at long last. Plans for Tizz is to make that army my serious (ha!) 2250 tournament force, and unveil it at Crossroads GT in October. Gonna be a busy summer ...

Painting: Nurgle Skaven 2250
Building: Ogre 2250

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