Wednesday, August 05, 2009

+ Nothing Like Pounding on Marines +

Holy hell, Salvage plays some 40k! Showed up at my LGS for 40k night, glued together my poor broken soldiers (last game back when was rough for the CSM) and threwdown against those pansy loyalists. x2.

Anarchonquistadores vs Ultra Marines [585] - My buddy speedpainted up the AoBR marines last week, and wanted to see if 40k was anything like he remembered it (he's part of the Monday night fantasy crew up here in Albany). As such he was rocking captain (power, bolter), 10 tactical (missile, flamer), 5 termies, 1 dread (multi-melta). I countered with a faux-mirror match: lord (MoT, deathscreamer), 10 CSM (IoCU, autocannon, plasma, power), 3 termies (IoCU, 3 combi-plas, 2 fists, 1 chainfist), 1 oblit.

We decided on KP mission, rolled up dawn of war (forgot night fight), and he won the roll and took it. Tactical split in two, with 5 (missile) on hill and 5 (flamer) flanking more with the captain in tow. My deathscreamer + marines went left flank, in a big wood 18" from the missile marines.

Ultra Marines 1
Missile marines maybe kill 1 CSM, flamer marines move up through some buidlings.

Chaos 1
CSM move up, deathscreamer rolls a 1 and takes a wound. Poop.

KP: 0-0

Ultra Marines 2
Dread walks on from the edge behind the missile marines, cooks a CSM with his mm. Termies strike to the right of the CSM squad, splattering 4 marines with brutal stormbolter fire. Missile marines don't do much, flamer marines move toward center a bit.

Chaos 2
Oblit walks on and slams the termies with a plasma cannon shot (5 hits, 5 wounds) but only 2 fall to the green fire. Chaos terminators strike too, but scatter out of 12" of the loyalists and hold their plasma fire. CSM squad hits the missile marines and kill 2, breaking them back (6 shots from the lord, but cover saved mostly) to autorally behind the hill.

KP: 0-0

Ultra Marines 3
Dread stomps forward and fails to kill any CSM, and the missile marines remount the hill. Flamer marines split off south for the chaos termies, and the captain heads into the woods in the marine half of the table. The termies also head for the chaos termies, but choose to fire at the CSM squad, for 1 dead marine (deathscreamer + 3/4 CSM left now) but no charge on the chaos termies. The flamer marines rapid fire into the chaos termies, for 1 dead (and embarrassed) terminator.

KP: 0-0

Chaos 3
CSM squad splatters the missile marines down to 1 bolter marine, with another 6 from the deathscreamer. Chaos termies advance upon the flamer marines trusting in the oblit to plasma cannon the 3 loyalist termies away, but the oblit scatters the shot so the chaos termies are oblidged to unload plasma hell into their loyalist counterparts. 1 dies, and on the charge it's a drawn slapfight with no dead terminators on either side.

KP: 0-0

Ultra Marines 4
Dread advances and attempts a shot on the obliterator, but his mm is out of range. The lone marine takes a CSM potshot for no result, as does the space marine captain. The flamer marines advance again and target the oblit, but it doesn't care. The slapfight rages on, with 1 dead terminator on both sides, leaving just the sergeant and the chaos chainfister.

KP: 0-0

Chaos 4
Tired of this 0-0 nonsense, chaos gets serious(ish). The oblit siddles backwards a bit and tags the dreadnought with his lascannon, wrecking it with 1 shot. The CSM kill the lone bolter marine for another KP. Unfortunately the chaos terminator finally eats powersword, leaving the loyalist free to attak the oblit next turn.

KP: 1-2

Ultra Marines 5
The captain continues taking potshots at the CSM, to no avail, while the flamer marines rapid fire at the oblit for no return. The terminator sergeant assaults the machine-marine, but has his skull crushed for his troubles.

KP: 1-3

Chaos 5
The CSM + lord move towards the captain to bring their weapons fully to bear, resulting in 1 wound on the space marine hero (more 6's from the deathscreamer - after the first 1 that's all he rolled). The oblit advanced upon the marines and rapid fired his plasma guns for 1 dead marine, but couldn't quite make combat.

KP: 1-3

Ultra Marines 6
The battle raged on, but neither the captain nor the flamer marines could harm their targets, nor wanted to commit to close combat.

KP: 1-3

Chaos 6
Growing bored of this silly outing, the chaos lord capped the marine captain with his red hot deathscreamer, while the oblit advanced, plasma blazing, and beat the flamer marines to a pulp up close and personal.

KP: 1-5


Next up was a 1500 pointer vs a new guy to the club, with a very nicely painted olive drab marine DIY marine army, "The Iron Dragons." He hadn't totally made the switch to 5th edition either, so was a bit rusty. He had:

Commander - power weapon, bolter w/ hellfire
5 Terminators - assault cannon
Dreadnought - assault cannon
10 Tactical - missile, plasma, powerfist/stormbolter (rhino)
10 Tactical - lascannon, melta, power weapon (2x 5 combat squads)
5 Tactical - power weapon
6 Assault Marines - power weapon
Land Speeder - assault cannon, heavy bolter
Predator - twin las, more las

I took a pretty standard list, though ended up with a lot of icons to fill points:

Lord - MoT, deathscreamer, meltas, icon
3 Termies - IoCU, 3 combi-plas, 2 fists, 1 chainfist
10 CSM - IoCU, lascannon, flamer, powerfist/combi-flamer
10 CSM - IoCU, autocannon, plasma, power weapon
6 Noise Marines - blastmaster, sonic blaster, icon
6 1k Sons - AS w/ doombolt, icon
12 Demons

Occurs to me now that I could have used the extra points for a termi AC, which might have made more of a difference ... Ah well!

Game was KP again, normal table side deployment. He won and took it, keeping termies in reserve but otherwise deploying (l to r): dread, assault marines, 5 marines w/ power, 5 marines w/ las (on 3 tier hill), 5 marines w/ melta + commander, rhino w/ fisty marines, pred, whirlwind, speeder heavy right flank. Chaos responded with (l to r): defiler hard left behind building, noise marines in that building, fisty marines, 1k sons + deathscreamer, oblit behind them and screened by building, shooty marines behind building, with termies and demons in orbit.

Iron Dragons 1
Speeder cooked it down the right flank, rhino boosted forward mid-table, dread and assault marines headed left and little marine squads moved forward (forgot to run later). Lascannon fire amounted to 1 dead CSM from the shooty lads. Whirlwind scattered somewhere not useful, or was saved, and would do so all game.

KP: 0-0

Chaos 1
The Defiler stomped up the left table edge and got things off to a strong start, slamming a round into the exposed assault marines and killing all 6. The fisty CSM mobilized and ran for a wrecked bunker mid-table, out of LoS of the dread on the other side. The 1k sons tripped forward, and the shooty CSM ran into the building in front of them, taking up fire positions at the windows. The oblit's lascannon shot at the dread was saved by cover, but the marines on the hill didn't fair so well - 2 died to 1k son fire (deathscreamer rolled a 1, but took no wound), broke and ran 10" off the table, taking their lascannon with them.

KP: 0-2

Iron Dragons 2
With no reinforcements this turn, the marines mobilized as able - little 5 man teams moved up, dread headed for the defiler, and the rhino powered towards the shooty CSM's building, dumping its passengers out. Rapid fire, along with the shots of the power weapon marine squad would account for 6 CSM, neutering the squad considerably. The predator fired across the table at the defiler, immobilizing it, and the dreadnought detonated the demon engine with a well-aimed assault cannon shot.

KP: 1-2

Chaos 2
As the carnage had reached an acceptable level, the demons decided to hit the field, dropping down with a choice of assaulting the power weapon squad, the captain's squad or the fisty rhino squad. Unfortunately for those squads they were all amongst the chaos army's teeth - the fisty CSM mobilized around the wrecked bunker and assaulted the marines w/ power weapon, the 1k Sons moved forward to gain a wide range of targets for their AP3 death, and the shooty CSM survivors in the building prepared for revenge.

Unfortunately most everything went to shit all of a sudden. The building marines (1 autocannon, 1 bolter, 1 AC w/ bolter, 1 plasma gun) accounted for perhaps 1 tactical marine, and so the 1k Sons had to poor their fire into those lads too. The sorcerer failed to cast his doombolt (need 10, rolled 11), the deathscreamer rolled another 1 (and wounded the lord), and the 10 S4 AP3 shots killed maybe 1 marine. Vo-mit. The oblit missed the predator he had moved out to tag, and the blastmaster horrifically scatterd (again, like in turn 1).

Assault rolled around and the fisty marines slammed into the powered 5-marine unit, exploding them for the loss of 1 CSM and massacring into the dreadnought's path. The girls decided to charge the captain's unit, their 30 attaks resulting in 1 dead marine and 2 dead girls. And the 1k Sons + lord rolled the 6" SnP move they needed to assault the fisty rhino marines! Brutal embarrassment ensued though: 3 robots were kiled, the deathscreamer rolled his 3rd 1 in a row (taking a wound), the sorcerer failed at life AND THEN the 4 fearless wounds that rolled in killed another robot. Wow 40k, "fearless" huh?

KP: 1-3

Iron Dragons 3
The terminators were still partying up in space, so the ground pounders kept at it. The dreadnought stomped past the CSM and attempted to help his commander out, but was 6.25" away from hitting a girl with his powerfist. The rhino cheekily tankshocked the fisty CSM, who ignored it. The pred smacked the oblit back, killing it twice over, and the land speeder started unloading into the shooty CSM, killing the autocannon marine.

In combat, the girls continued to writhe on the captain's squad, killing them down to just captain, sarge & 1 other marine for 1 dead girl. The marines actualy broke, were caught, and suffered another dead marine on the fearless wound! In the other fight, the deathscreamer managed a 2, for 5 weak S4 attaks (1 dead marine), the sorcerer fluffed it and the last robot fluffed it. Drawn combat.

KP: 2-3

Chaos 3
The chaos terminators appeared ... which was ill-timed, as the loyalist termies they wanted to plasma were still in orbit. They dropped off the fisty CSM icon directly behind the dreadnought, as the CSM enveloped it and prepared their krak grenades, and the bolter part of the terminators' combi-weapons actually immobilized the beast & stunned it, making those kraks more likely to hit. Result! The CSM would go on to stun the dread again, for 1 dead marine.

In the other combats, the molestation continued and sarge finally fell to the demons, and the captain took a wound and broke! He wasn't caught though, so the girls fanned out 5" and prepared for whirlwinding ... The retarded combat took a turn for the better, as the deathscreamer revved up a 6 for 9 attaks, killing all the marines but the fist, who was killed by the sorcerer. The deathscreamer + sorcerer moved up to trust in their 4+ inv, while the remnants of the shooty CSM who had charged in to help felt kinda useless and exposed out in the open.

KP: 2-5

Iron Dragons 4
Terminator time! Despite a scatter, the loyalist elites struck to handle the chaos termies, downing the chainfister with stormbolter fire. The predator bounced its lascannons off the 1k Son sorcerer's 4+ inv, and the land speeder tagged out the shooty CSM's AC with assault cannon fire. In the dreadnought combat no CSM died, but the dread was stunned again, keeping its attaks to a minimum.

KP: 2-5

Chaos 4
Not really wanting to do this, the chaos termies shrugged and headed into their loyalist counterparts, plasma cooking the squad down to just the sarge and assault cannon man and evening the odds up for assault. Back middle the lord + sorcerer closed on the marine commander, as the demons trapsed over to trash the pred (which hadn't moved all game and had AV10 rear armor), which their 27 auto-hits managed to strip of ALL its weapons and immobilize, but not muster that last 5 or 6 to wreck it. The super awesome chaos leaders faired less well - the sorcerer cast doombolt but missed or didn't wound, and the deathscreamer rolled its fourth 1, killing the lord. Balls. The last two marines of the shooty CSM squad (bolter, plasma) began firing on the land speeder but couldn't penetrate its "thick" hull.

Fighting time, and once again the CSM couldn't kill the dread, as Mr. Fister couldn't make his 2 S8 hits count (pen, but garbage rolls). The chaos termies lost 1 to the loyalist sarge for no return, but the last man held.

KP: 3-5

Iron Dragons 5
With the end of the game looming and running out of models, the Imperial side had a pretty quick round ahead of it. The speeder blasted the shooty CSM pair for no result, and the captain used his hellfire rounds to drop the irritating 1k Son sorcerer and score another KP. Over in combat land, the demons tipped the predator over, the CSM fister hit the powerplant on the dread and nuked it (no CSM lost in the fire), and the last chaos terminator was stabbed in the face by sergeant no-fist.

KP: 5-7

Chaos 5
Finally free of the dread, the fisty CSM rounded on the two goody terminators, shooting down the assault cannon man on the way into combat. The shooty CSM duo dropped the speeder with a plasma shot, and the demons swarmed back towards the wounded captain to finish what they had started earlier. And that they did, tearing him apart for no girls lost. The fisty CSM lost a marine to the terminator's sword, but the squad fist finished the sergeant off (if just barely).

KP: 5-10

Iron Dragons 6
And the brutality continues! The rhino tried claiming the shooty CSM's KP, but no luck, and the whirlwind couldn't either.

KP: 5-10

Chaos 6
The demons and the shooty CSM pair descended upon the rhino, but the CSM thought better of it and backed up ... Just as the fist CSM lascannon fired its first shot of the game: 6-6-6 = 5" explosion from the rhino, enough to cover 6 girls (1 dead) and both shooty marines! The plasma man bit it, leaving the bolter marine holding his KP.

KP: 5-11


Fun game, though some insanely shite dice left me feeling pretty crappy anyway. The deathscreamer rolling 1-1-1-2-6-1 was bull too - I mean, WTF? Maybe it was just making up for the 1-6-6-6-6 from game 1, but still!

Though I will say, even a fun victory over a nice opponent with a well-painted and soft army was enough to remind me of why I play fantasy. I love my CSM boys, but things like the joke that fearless is (give me LD10 with IoCU anyday!) just leave a really bad taste in my mouth.

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