Thursday, August 20, 2009

+ 1850 Anarcho Redux +

Well Internets, my 40k blood is up and it's feeling like time to revamp the Chaos boys at long last. Seeing as how I've never really played 1850 points but that's pretty standard fair, I figure that's a good level to shoot for.

Chaos Lord - MoT, deathscreamer, melta bombs

Dreadnought - plasma cannon, extra armor
Dreadnought - plasma cannon, extra armor
Dreadnought - plasma cannon, extra armor

10 CSM - IoCU, 2 meltaguns, AC w/ powerfist; rhino w/ extra armor
9 CSM - IoCU, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer; rhino w/ extra armor
10 CSM - IoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
6 Noise Marines - blastmaster, icon
10 Demons

6 Havoks - IoCU, 3 missile launchers

1850 points / 14 KP

More Deathscreamer Nonsense
The demo-cannon is still around, despite the shenanigans of the last few games. Losing the 1k Sons means the S4 AP3 is especially delicious, and having a lord who can use his BS5 is pretty groovy, despite embarrassing jam rolls. The unfortunate thing about tossing the Sons means I've got some thinking about where the main man goes - most likely in the rhino with the 9 CSM, though he could sit with the noise boys or the shooty marines for pure fire support.

More Dreadtasmic
Yea for silly toys! Target saturation with the rhinos should help keep some alive though, and going with just plasma cannons keeps the cost down and keeps the heavy flamers away from cooking my boys. Hilarious ANGER! chart and all.

More Undivided
Bolter-bait 1k Sons finally get replaced by more renegades, with meltas as the metagame demands. Noisy boys back the CU lads up with their blastmaster (and because I like my models), though their icon is only there because one of the marines has one ... Rhinos finally make an appearance too, forcing me to paint a vehicle that isn't a walker :P Demons continue rocking out, though I'd like to run my new demon princess too. Points difference isn't much, but the girls are a bit more tactical and troops to boot.

More Obliteration
Havoks stick around, and a second oblit joins the fun to quasi-replace the lascannon marine that had to leave the fisty CSM squad to make room for the 'screamer lord. Side effect is bringing the number of plasma cannons in the list to a healthy 5!

Today I went bitz-diving and have some fun-filled conversions in the works. In all, this list means building / painting:

- 10 CSM
- 2 rhinos
- 1 dreadnought
- 1 obliterator

WIP pics coming?!

Painting: Ogre maneater
Building: Rhino 2

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