Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here we go!

RIOT, having been captured and re-fabricated no less than four times, houses a paranoid but suitably homicidal machine-daemon ...

VOXX stands tall after the acid bath used to scour off the caked gore and fuchsia heraldry of his service with the Emperor's Children. Time will tell if the incipient insanity of the other Anarcho dreadnoughts infests the newest murder machine.

GurG joins Cithorax in bringing ranged death to enemy armor, and the triple-melta shown manifested here certainly looks promising. [Unfortunately I got the angle of the arm wrong when puttying it in place, so if he's indeed killing tanks they're standing about ten feet away ...]

The enigmatic aspiring champion Huntsman is joined by Seven, one of the original Iron Hydras upon which the Anarchonquistadores were built. Huntsman served in The Reaver's brief-lived mutant uprising, while Seven had previously been assigned to havok bullet-soak duty before the squad was trimmed down due to budget cuts.

Heinrich and Wilhelm, the squad meltagunnners, appear courtesy of the Iron Warriors, though little else is known about the Germanic tank killers.

Din and Fader bring the heat with dual-wielded boltguns - note the internal magazines and lack of suppressors on Fader's customized sidearms. With their reduced weight and length the chaos marine is able to wield them in combat to great effect, removing limbs at point-blank range.

Tex has recently had his stalwart service rewarded with a demonic bone overgrowth on his power armor's torso, while Sinne enjoys a brutal clawed gauntlet for his battlefield atrocities. Sinne also carries a captured greenskin shoota that fits him perfectly - loud, obnoxious and undisciplined.

Killer Bunny and Gläd, the third of the fallen wolves, make up Huntsman's combat specialists. Rumor has it that Bunny hasn't fired his boltgun in the last half dozen conflicts, preferring to bludgeon his enemies to death or fall back to his trusty knife when things get serious. While he lacks Bunny's ferocity, Gläd's raw skill and relentlessness make him an equal threat at close quarters, amputated arm or not.

The boys spill out of their ride and deliver hell, while VOXX provides covering fire. GurG has apparently already succumbed to return lascannon fire at this point.

Painting: Ogre Maneaters
Building: CSM backpacks

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