Saturday, August 29, 2009

+ Bring on the 1000 Pointers +

A bunch of the (fantasy) dudes I play with are looking to mess around with 40k again, and have around 1000 points available, painted, etc. Once upon a time I was a real proponent of 1000 pointers, as you could both try new things out but also have more tactical games on a larger board, AND get more of them in in less time. However my chaos boys have been cooking along at such high points (1500-APOC) that I haven't actually made a 1k list to cruise along with ...

Chaos Sorcerer - MoCU, warptime, melta bombs

3 Terminators - IoCU, 3 combi-plasma, 2 powerfists, chainfist

10 CSM - IoCU, 2 meltaguns, AC w/ powerfist; rhino
9 CSM - IoCU, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer; rhino
6 Demons


998 / 9 KP

My first list, using the new stuff I'm adding to the army - 2nd oblit, melta marines, rhino transports. The sorcerer I've been meaning to try for a long long time and have a model ready, though I've been rocking the deathscreamer for so long I never got around to it. I like how cheap he is, and warptime might get around my total inability to roll dice - as well as my propensity to roll 1's with the 'screamer.

Part of me wonders if the list is too high powered though, with so much plasma and powerfists everywhere. I could swap out the termiciders & 1 demon for my standard noise marine squad (6 w/ blastmaster, icon), giving me a troop choice actually intended to hang back on my own objectives and provide fire support. The BM I don't trust to hurt tanks, but it does make a mess of things with bases. Hmm ...

Edit: It doesn't matter to how I make lists, but I'll note that most of the guys here play Guard. No surprise I suppose, though in my experience my termies kinda scrath their heads when it comes to things worth plasma-ing. They cleaned up in assault last Guard game though, which was groovtastic, and the ability to strike wherever has always been invaluable.

Painting: Chaos Sorcerer?
Building: Pyre Troll [Gorger]

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studder said...

welcome to the rhino club. i have found their usefulness grow alot, definatly a 5th thing.