Friday, September 18, 2009


Viscount Vash over on the Emperor's Children forum blew my mind earlier today with his 40k-scale Questor Scout Titan. Here's some shots of where the titan was at of May 26:

Hopefully he had a chance to finish and/or paint the big guy up! Check out the rest of the thread for the buildup, the way he sculpted the thing is IMO pretty intense.

Painting: Irongut
Building: Powerfist Lord


Gamers World said...

Awesome stuff, really love it. Thanks for giving us this info. Like that Titan immensly. Power fist lord should look good too.

Gavin Schofield said...

That is incredible!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it, Your best bet it to check Heresy Online for the full details on the questor.

Ok thats the self glorification over.

Now the pie of humble.

No its not finished or painted.

Yes I would love to find another way of feeling like I have let everybody down by not closing it down.

All that aside, I learnt an emense amont of stuff about my limitations and the hobby from trying this.

More importantly,I still love it,all of it and never again will I judge any project with the same aloofness.

any questions hit me uo on or anywhere else you can get me to answer. :)

PS. terribly sorry .I iz distrakted Mekkinb stuf fur da Boyz.

V.V (Bold.Itallics,Magenta,etc.)