Thursday, September 24, 2009


Finally found the time to bash together the powerfist version of my chaos lord, Severus Gaal:

Not a super crazy conversion (Huron + chaos lord head - iron halo on power axe), but I really like the Huron sculpt, with its "shattered soldier" bionic deal and the badass "stride forward and demand my money, ho!" pose. I'm torn on what backpack to give him when I get to that point, cause I don't think it will be Huron's. I like the huge iron halo (good for the 4+ MoT inv), but I dislike how giant the pack is, and the height clashes with the horns of the headswap. I may simply use a CSM backpack, though maybe chop the stalks off to create a faux-RT era pack ...

Here Gaal 2.0 is next to the increasingly infamous deathscreamer lord:

And some more shots of Mr. Minigun:

I do love the hell out of this model, and I like the concept of the demon weapon in more mundane form, as minigun + power axe + some insane(ly masochistic) combat skills. This model is also my fastest turn around from idea to build to paint to table, taking I think 2 days from inception to battle. Makes me even more proud of how he turned out.

Funny thing, had another game against the Sisters today, and the deathscreamer seemed to sense his possibly imminent replacement - he rolled just one 1 for number of attaks (and wounded himself), but otherwise was hammering 4-6 shots at range and 5-9 attaks in combat. Nicely done Gaal, maybe you can hang around ... until 2.0 gets painted!

Speaking of painting things for this army, here's a quick snap of the last thing I painted for the boys, for Games Day Baltimore back in the summer:

Kringa, the Greater Demon! The idea of that beasty climbing out of a chaos champ's chest is pretty excellent :D

Painting: Irongut
Building: N/A

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