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Figured I'd finally toss up something about my game last Wednesday. Another throwdown with the Sisters, this time testing another of the GT missions, "Suicide Squad." If I can find a comp with Adobe Acrobat I'll post up the missions, I enjoyed the two more extreme ones we played so far ...

Anarchonquistadores vs Sisters [1850]

His list had solidified a bit more, but was essentially the same:

Cannoness - MC blessed weapon, book, auto-pass faith thing
Cannoness - MC eviscerator, jump pack, 2+ armor, mantle
Priest - melta bombs?
5 Dominions - 4 storm bolters, VSS w/ power weapon; immolator w/ MM
10 Sisters - heavy flamer, meltagun, VSS w/ eviscerator; rhino
10 Sisters - heavy flamer, meltagun, VSS w/ eviscerator; rhino
15 Sisters - heavy flamer, meltagun, VSS w/ eviscerator
6 Seraphim - 2x flamers, VSS w/ power weapon, melta bombs
6 Seraphim - 2x inferno pistols, VSS w/ melta bombs?

Deployment: Diagonals
Primary: Suicide Squad lives and enemy's dies (20) or both die (10)
Secondary: Most KP
Tertiary: More scoring units (or just units?) in the enemy zone at game end

Suicide Squad was a troop choice, and gained Fearless and 1 buff (+1 BS, WS, S, or relentless). He chose his big foot squad, which the foot cannoness joined, and I chose my shooty CSM squad, which the deathscreamer joined. We both chose +1BS for our squads (though relentless was tempting to get a walking autocannon, and more bolter/plasma range).

Sisters went first, and first turn nightfight probably only helped him out. Chaos retaliation was really ganked by my lads' inability to see through the gloom, though I had a LOT of fire all in range of the only target I needed to kill - the penitent storming towards my suicide squad! Everything failed, and the penitent would spend turns grinding the squad down to 3 CSM + the screamer, as all that krak + 1 melta bomb couldn't stop the 80-or-less point thing. It was only the timely intervention of an obliterator (who took 2 turns to stumble into a combat 8" away!) that crumped the engine. My suiciders spent the remaining turns running away from any sisters who might take them out - they ended the game with 2 marines + the screamer with 2 wounds.

At that point the Sisters didn't have too many options left, and were in fact tabled in turn 6. The flamer CSM in their rhino and slammed through some woods to get at the enemy suicide squad, summoning demons down turn 2 within assault range of the chicks. The demons would beat the nuns for a huge number of turns, eventually killing the squad and only being taken down by the cannoness and a countercharge by the dominions. It helped that the flamer CSM took out 7 sisters with their flamers before the demons charged ... though the CSM were in turn burnt to a single marine (who lived on at game end!) by 1 sister squad + the dominions with stormbolters. Also a nice touch was the oblit (who would crump the engine) tagging the exorcist across the board, through extreme cover, and one-shoting it turn 2. Nice job robot.

So beyond the mayhem of the crowded SW corner of the board, the NE corner saw the dreadtasm facing off against a rhino sister squad and the exorcist cannoness. Overall the dreads behaved fairly well, with 1 first turn fire frenzy shaking a dread and a blood rage later on being simply redundant (the dread was 2" from the sisters cowering in their rhino's crater). And then a humorous fire frenzy late game, when the two surviving dreads - both now missing their combat weapons and immobilized - having (literally in the end!) stomped a rhino, 10 sisters (1 with eviscerator) and the eviscerator canny into pulp, then flipped out and tried shooting each other point blanc. My trend of HUGE scatters continued though, and no more inter-dread violence occurred. (The other dread, by the by, was easily dispatched by the 2+ inv saving mantle clad canny earlier).

Anyway it came down to a


with the primary and secondary, and I suppose an extra BP or two. Good game that really wasn't looking my way during the first few turns, but started to crumble as my dice heated up and his amazing rolls started to fade.

This week I'm playing some fantasy with my new warriors of tzeentch army, though there might be a 1500 pointer 40k match beforehand if I can get things moving early enough. Stay tuned.

Painting: N/A
Building: N/A
Priming: Warriors of Tzeentch!

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