Thursday, December 31, 2009

+ SKAVEN 2.0 +

My new skaven list has changed a bit, particularly after a disastrous game against dragon-led khorne mortals in which I managed to do everything I told myself not to do, including engaging with the vermin lord by himself and slamming the abomination into the frenzied dragon. Neither of those combats were pretty, with the a-bomb being 1-shoted and Vermy barely escaping the red knights with his life.

Here's where I'm at now. The biggest changes from the list against khorne is the inclusion of a BSB, who was sorely missed, and a 10th power die (the engineer was level 1 before). These came at the cost of 2 rat swarms, 3 gutters and the spikes off the HPA, all of which won't be missed too much.

L: Vermin Lord = 500
H: Plague Priest - foul pendant, flail, level 2 = 169
H: Engineer - dispel scroll, level 2 = 125
H: Chieftain - BSB, warpstone armor, shield = 102

C: 30 Clanrats - full command, shields, warpfire thrower = 225
C: 25 Clanrats - full command, shields, ratling gun = 187.5
C: 25 Clanrats - full command, shields, ratling gun = 187.5
C: 20 Slaves - musician = 42
C: 20 Slaves - musician = 42

S: 6 Jezzails = 120
S: 6 Gutter Runners - deathrunner = 84
S: 7 Globadiers = 70
S: 7 Globadiers = 70

R: Abomination = 235
R: Warp Lightning Cannon = 90

Thoughts so far? The WLC is very hard to hit with, jezzails losing skirmishing is pretty huge, rolling to hit with ratling guns sucks (and both of mine misfired more often than got to shoot), the abomination is not auto-win, and the vermin lord takes as much finesse as I thought he would.

I've got a game against brets tomorrow, where we're both running 10 pd of magic for the first time in our warhammer careers. I expect mass miscasting ... but read all about it next year!

In the meantime, here's the BSB I smashed up last night:

He's got a marauder horsemen shield that goes on the arm holding the standard, but it'll be painted separately. Scheme will be mostly bleached bone armor, so I added that tatty loincloth for some kind of green on the model.

Happy New Year!

Painting: Nurglettes
Building: N/A


Rushputin said...

How are you finding the Vermin Lord? I've yet to run one, but the consensus 'round these parts is that he's pretty much an overpriced arrow magnet.

Boss Salvage said...

I've just had the one game with him so far, and against the red wagon that is Warriors of Khorne. I went all plague and he got almost everything I could want: plague breath, wither, vermintide, poison attaks. I'd rather the stink cloud than poison attaks, but ah well. With no shooting against him and huge maneuverability I should have stuck to The Plan against heavy armor: zoom up into position, wither the target and than melt with 5+ wounding vomit. I had 5 knights, a chariot and even 15 warriors to keep doing this against ...

... but like a boob I decided to see what he could do solo charging 5 frenzied knights with musician. The VL caused 0 wounds (bad rolls from me, but probability has him only doing ~1 anyway. He then took 3 wounds in return, broke and only got away by 2" (one of those being the skaven +1). He outfled their charge, rallied and took out the last knight left after the WLC tagged 4 of the unit out (all it did that game besides 1 warrior).

Then after some jockeying and baiting the VL slammed into the frenzied chariot over there, pounded 3 wounds through which multiplied into 1+1+2 and just killed it. The big bad rat took his remaining 250 points and hid in the corner.

That's been my experience so far! He's certainly overcosted (400 sounds more right, or even lower given his bad Ld / lack of stubborn or something) and I miss the no armor save ability of the older rules for him ... I think against more shooting I'll certainly be less enthused to run him, but all told I love my conversion and it's just neat to run the big lug.

- Salvage