Thursday, December 10, 2009


Definitely don't want to work on this paper right now, so let's get you all caught up to speed on the little warhammer I've been up to that isn't forum surfing or endless list making ...


Back in November I played in a 2000 point 40k tournament, which turned out to be 3 games of pure KP games, much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone. Here's an ultra-quick rundown of the event.


Deathscreamer Lord
Plasma Termi-ciders
Plasma Dread
Missile Dread
Melta CSM in rhino
Flamey CSM in rhino
Shooty CSM
1k Sons w/ warptime sorcerer
10+ Demons
Missile Havoks

Pretty close to 100% painted, and I'm really hoping to get them back to that level, particularly after the strong showing in the games to come ...


IG w/ Creed, infantry blob, melta vets in valks x2, plasma vets, outflanking demolisher, russ, basi, etc, etc

Essentially I crushed him to pulp, gaining a staggering KP total and giving very little away. His dude messing with my reserves was irritating, but otherwise I was able to hold my points well and just smash away. We actually ended turn 4 on time, but since other people kept playing we could have continued, which would only have given me more of a KP lead over the other players. This was the only IG player at the event - and again, no one knew it was all KP all the time - and there was some bitterness at my early KP boost.

+14 KP


CSM w/ 2x lash princes, greater demon, 5x melta plaguers in rhinos, defiler

A great and incredibly bloody game, where his plague marines proved their resilience in spades. My 1k Sons also showed what a 3/4+ save with fearless can do, as the tizz boys + deathscreamer locked down 2 plague squads round after round, deathscreamer reaping away. I didn't play as well as I could, throwing my dread plasma cannon away early and not popping a single rhino despite those being far and away the easiest KP available. He eventually beat me by a couple KP, but I didn't do so bad considering I went for the hardest targets possible.

+8 KP


CSM w/ tizz sorcerer + tizz possessed in raider, 2 big CSM squads (1 rhino), berzerkers in rhino, 10 demons, 2x vindis

Ironically I had actually designed this list for the guy, out of the models he had available ... Despite being very very afraid of the double vindis, I was able to start stunning or destroying them fairly early on, letting my rhino squads perform a heavy flank of his force, with deep strike troops adding their weight in timely fashion. My dreads deserve commendation for this game, as they were able to lock down units that literally couldn't hurt them - possessed + sorcerer, demons - and grind them apart. Another fun game that turned my way once the wall of steel was cracked. The berzerkers proved to be a real thorn, costing about 14 CSM to put them down.

+9 KP

All told I earned 31 KP, which handily nabbed first place and $90 in gift certs (!!). I was well chuffed, though a comment on the IG player and my 4 turn brutalizing of him. It's not like the dude quite or changed his army or something after me - 2 other players got to go up against him (including the CSM I played final round), and nobody walked all over him like I was able to. So there.

Special commendation goes out to the deathscreamer - 1 jam all 3 games?! - and the dreads, who tenaciously held up through all games, often needing to be completely disassembled before giving up a KP, and were able to get some real stomping in due to judicious use of reserves. Very happy to see my weird toys work for me.


Rather than start more blogs I won't keep up to cover my fantasy exploits, expect to see some squarebase content cropping up here, as the new skaven book and a new escalation league at the FLGS have me really buzzing. Last week I finished the modeling for my skaven army redux, which mostly involved building some big bads:




Unfortunately the coming of winter means I won't get these primed and painted until probably Spring, barring I borrow somebody's basement to spray in ... But expect to hear of some exploits, I'll be painting to 1k once the semester ends, with just the big dudes waiting for the thaw.

Painting: Nurglings
Building: ???

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