Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Despite the lack of updates, the Anarchonquistadores have been busy in the last 2 months, though they did get a bit of rest so my Khorne demonbomb could bust heads in a few mega-battles and Ogres could perform rather lacklusterly in Fantasy ... Battles of note:

Undivided vs. Tau Empire [1000] - Having last faced Tau only with my demonbomb, I had my panties in a bind and was generally ready for whatever nasty raildeath came my way. Thankfully my opponent was new to his new 'dex and wanted to try things out, and just generally hadn't played 40k very often. Great guy and made for a fun shorter game, with Chaos coming out on top by a massacre - I lost only my extremely budget Speed Lt and kept everything else above half strength or untouched. Highlights were failing 5 of 5 3+ saves against a submunition round in the first shooting phase; the Speed Lt launching into his HQ squad and cutting down the Shas'el, then catching and killing the squad; the Speed Lt being rapid fired into mist by 13 Kroot 5" in front of him; havoks getting to use frag to smash apart a deepstriking drone squad. In depth report can be found here on Dakka.

Alpha Legion vs. Carapace Guard [1500] - Day after Thanksgiving I played my brother's steel legion, which he's counting as having carapace. His list was roughly HSO w/ commisar (fist), plasmas, master vox; 2x 3 heavy bolters; 2x 3 mortars (yes, mortars); sentinel w/ lascannon & armored; 2x JO w/ lascannon; 4x 10 guard w/ grenade launchers & missile launchers; 2x demolishers. Vox casters and carapace everywhere.

The twin demolishers were giving me fits this time, and I set up outside of the 24" hemispheres of death in front of his tanks. Then I realized it was more like 30" with move-and-fire, cried a bunch first turn as he tore my 10-man down to 3, pinned my cultists with mortar fire and didn't do much with his demolishers. My first turn involved much grumbling, until I charged the Speed Lord into the fairly packed guard he had clustered in one quarter of the table. Started grinding away, pulling more squads in, including a squad of daemonettes and his HQ, and would eventually shut down much of his fire support later in the game.

Meanwhile my 20 assassins walked straight toward an infantry squad with JO and demolisher support, dying to a man without doing anything. However, I mounted up my 8-CSM squad in their über-rhino, peeled out toward the guard, popped smoke and said a prayer to the powers of chaos. A krak missile, lascannon and demolisher shot later, the rhino was only shaken! Dirge and his boys hopped out, flamed the guard and slammed in, whipping them in combat. The dread smashed into the front of demolisher #2, tearing it open with 7 blood raging attaks, and the oblit finally gutted demolisher #1. From here it became mop-up along his table edge and into his main corner. Win.

Paint Update: 10/10 CSM done, 8/8 CSM done, 6/6 daemonettes 1 done, 6/6 daemonettes 2 done, 1/1 Lord done, 5/6 Havoks done. I was shooting to get the army painted by my birthday early February, but with an oblit, a dread, a rhino & 30 cultists to go, I'll be totally happy if I just have 15-20 cultists left by then.

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