Thursday, December 21, 2006

+ Undivided Escalation +

As painting my Alpha Legion list is looking good for a February completion date, I'm looking ahead to where I want the army to go. By switching to an Undivided list I lose the Alpha 'perks' - cheap infiltrate & cultist fodder - but can take, above all else, cult marines! Some cool modeling to be had, and looking forward to finally building the land raider (crusader, actually) that's been in my closet since two Xmases ago. The list:


Lord - MoCU, furious charge, power weapon, bolt pistol, speed, mutation, aura, strength, spiky, meltas, frags = 167


6 1k Sons - Sorcerer w/ powerfist, bolt of change, 3 thralls = 217
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, plasma gun = 134
Obliterator = 70


10 CSM - MoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ kai gun, power weapon = 218
8 CSM - MoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer, mutation = 184
Rhino - Mutated hull, havok launcher, extra armor, smoke = 113
6 Horrors - 3 Flamers = 120
6 Demonettes = 90
6 Demonettes = 90

Heavy Support

6 Havoks - MoCU, infiltrate, 3 missile launchers = 168
Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, mutated hull, heavy flamer = 157
Land Raider - Demonic possession = 270

1998 points
59 infantry, 1 raider, 1 dread, 1 rhino

Only thing needs to be bought for this list are the 1k Sons (converted Necron warriors) and Noise Marine backpacks, both of which are underway already. I'm also getting the bitz for a demon prince, and might splurge on some FW chaos land raider tracks for the big nasty demon tank. Exciting times, and really love the feel of this army.

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