Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last Saturday we held our third APOC game, and this was a much more sane affair with limited points and players. 12 players, 2500 points each, hypothetical cap on superheavies but since they came from your total points we only saw 1 baneblade per side. Game was run for 6 turns, with the winning side being the one with the most of 3 objectives.

Undivided & Death Guard & Undivided & 1k Sons & Iron Warriors & Black Legion vs Crimson Fists & Black Templars & Witch Hunters & Ultramarines & Black Templars & Armored Company [15000] Game more or less started as a series of face offs across 3 boards arranged in a giant L shape: Death Guard vs Crimsons Fists, Undivided vs Templars, my Undivided vs Witch Hunters, Black Legion vs Witch Hunter / Ultras, Iron Warriors vs Ultras / Armored Co. The 1k Sons awaited in orbit to dreadclaw in, and the other Templars did likewise in their drop pods.

The Sons ended up slamming down by the Fists / Templars, reinforcing the beleagured Undivided marines being ground up by the mechanized Templars and ultimately claiming an objective with a mass of horrors, dread and greater demon.

The podding Templars hit the IW, which was unfortunate as he had his hands full with all the tanks already. The FW GUO popped in over there and wrecked everything he touched though, so that was something but not enough as the Armored Co. baneblade destroyed the IW baneblade and claimed the objective.

My boys in the corner pounded the Sisters in a massive 4+ bunker across from them, eventually butchering them with the help of 8 lesser demonettes and a rampaging demon princess. Of note here was the effort that the Sons and my lads put into silencing the 2 hoods on the enemy team - only after these were down could we get anything through, which worked out for me as the demosaurus could start warptiming herself through stuff (but not through the Sisters' 3+ inv saves). The biker lord made his first appearance, getting a first turn charge against 5 GK terminators and claiming 3-4 of them before falling, and my drop termies likewise showed up, striking in and plasma-ing an Ultra bike squad apart before being dismembered. But back to the corner, my dread took a powerful stand on the objective turn 4, only to be killed by seraphim in combat for his bravado / anger. The girls were blasted away and in the last turn my raider powered over and claimed the objective for the dark gods.

With 2 objectives to the Imperium's 1, it looked like another ...

Chaos Win

... though at the end of the game Chaos had secured one wing of the L - only a few Templar characters left vs hordes of Tizz demons and plague marines - and the Armored Co & remnants of the Ultras had locked down the other wing (aside from Fatty rampaging towards them). With my lads in the middle, we would have had a serious shelling to look forward too.

Painting: Biker Lord
Building: Ogre Tyrant

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