Friday, March 07, 2008

+ Bored: 2k Caveat +

Last night was pounded by a different set of wood elves, which finally punched me out of fantasy mode and back into wanting to kill things with chaos in the grimdark future again. Also want to build something, but the boys have most everything I've got for them, except that biker lord I started ...

Chaos Lord - MoCU, demon weapon, bike
Chaos Lord - MoT, deathscreamer

3 Terminators - IoCU, 3 combi-plasmas, 2 powerfists, chainfist
Dreadnought - Plasma cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor
Dreadnought - Missile launcher, heavy flamer, extra armor

10 CSM - IoCU, lascannon, flamer, AC w/ powerfist, combi-flamer
10 CSM - IoCU, autocannon, plasma gun, AC w/ power weapon
6 Noise Marines - Blastmaster, sonic blaster, NC w/ power weapon
6 1k Sons - AS w/ doombolt

Land Raider - Demonic possession
6 Havoks - IoCU, 3 missile launchers
1 Obliterator

2000 points

Poor DP, she hasn't even seen a real game and she's already getting swapped out! She may be tough (4 T5 wounds with 3/5+ save) but walking bites, and she ain't getting wings with the model I want to use for her. Biker lord can be way faster, particularly on the counter-charge, and the demon weapon makes for a mean assault - 6 to 10 S5 attaks on the charge (or 1 auto-wound and then stupidity). Wish I could get him an icon to bring up the termies or a meltabomb to go hunt tank, but there really isn't 5 points to cut in this list.

Painting: Terminator #2
Building: Biker Lord

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