Monday, March 03, 2008

+ A Tiny Taste +

After pounding tree spirits with my ogres on Saturday, I jumped in for a quick 3v3 marine throwdown. Chaos vs Imperium, a nice taste of APOC III in a mere 12 days from now ...

Undivided & Death Guard & Iron Warriors vs Ultramarines & Black Templars & Grey Knights [8000] - Just 1500 from me, with the knowledge that I'd only be there for 1.5 hours before I had to jet. Deployed 1k sons in the open, dread in some rocks, fisty CSM, noise marines and havoks in a building, oblit behind a building for walk-and-zap, and lord + shooty CSM in some ruins across from grey knights. Mechanized Black Templars were across from the bulk of my army, about dead center of the 4x12 table.

After weathering Templar fire with very minimal casaulties, my boys accounted for one stunned tornado, 1 dead dread (mine was stunned first turn), and a bunch of dead GK.

Loyalist second turn fire cost me 1 havok bolter, 4 noise marines, 4 1k sons and 2 shooty CSM. In return the blastmaster exploded 5 clumped up deepstruck assault marines and 1k sons reduced the squad to just the fist - which killed 2 1k sons when assaulted and lived on. More GK died and an autocannon/lascannons pred was kraked. And my dread went apeshit and shot up plague marine allies, accounting for none of them after FNP.

Then my boys had to evac. Chaos would go on to lose the game, largely to the 5000 points of Grey Knights (including Stern + Grand Master) and the mysterious loss of 1500 points in allies o_O

Chaos Loss

Painting: 3 Terminators
Building: Giant Troll

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