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Mmmm, the good old days of "Non-Apoc Apoc" Mega games, with way too many points crammed on one little 6x4 table. Saturday saw one of these gems crop up, after we got tired of playing Specialist Games and packing are 40k armies with us ...

Undivided & Death Guard & Undivided vs Tau & Ultramarines & Guard [6000] So it was chaos marines vs blue tau, blue marines and guard with their tanky friends. Distressing amount of open space between the chaos building bunkers and the Imperial line, but evil cared not.

Highlights from my standard 2000 pointer:

Biker Lord - Tagteamed with Typhus against Ultra assault termies gangbanging 1 demonette, and vaporized them (4 to the biker lord). Next up the two slammed into some ogryn, cleaning all but 1 (2 3-wound ogryn to the biker lord). After finishing the last space ogre, the lone biker of doom left Typhus to eat the IG high command, boosting off and slamming into a lone powerfist vet sarge. Naturally the biker rolled a 1, punched himself in the nuts and was fisted to death.

Deathscreamer Lord - Hung with the shooty CSM and pushed the left flank, accounting for 2-3 crisis suits and breaking the squad off the table. Otherwise not too exciting, peppered guardsmen in heavy cover to little effect.

Plasma Termies - With no targets that didn't involve risky deep striking (that basilisk looked tasty though!), the trio homered in hard left and escorted Typhus into the assault termies. The 2 survivors broke off and beat up a land raider crusader, losing 1 to the assault cannons and then the chainfist when the raider exploded next turn ;D

Dreadnought 'VORN' - Flipped out and killed 3 berzerkers with plasma, survived a railgun from a broadside and returned the favor with his plasma cannon, killing the suit's shield drone and breaking him off the table. Then the dread sucked a guard autocannon and died.

Deadnought 'THE LONER' - Cool headed as always, The Loner didn't flip out but also suffered from lack of targets. Tagged 1 devastator in 4+ cover and was scrapped in retaliation.

Shooty CSM - Escorted the deathscreamer, took many casaulties from the attentions of the tau hammerhead (as usual, the CSM's armor couldn't hold up to all the AP4). Killed next to nothing or nothing themselves, being on the move every turn.

Fisty CSM - Hung back and let the lascannon marine go to work on the IG tanks. Which he did a pretty poor job of, failing to pen the demolisher twice in a row. Once some Ultra assault marines deep struck near them they mobilized to destroy, though embarassingly it took 3 rounds of combat to finally kill the 5 jumpers, as the powerfist whiffed like a pro.

1k Sons - Spent the entire game shooting at 10 guardsmen in 4+ cover, taking a break to kill a tau commander and then (I think) getting taken out by small arms fire. The sorcerer may have lived to suck another game, though.

Noise Marines - It was all blastmaster this game (surprised? Nope, love me that gun), and he ended up trashing a hellhound and a leman russ. Not bad, 160 point dude!

Lesser Demonettes - With a lucky terrain roll they dropped and assaulted a fleeing stealth suit who was waaaay too close for comfort, killing him and locking in with a tau HQ suit. Counterattak by assault termies killed 7 of the 8, but with the help of a couple demon weapons the last girl climbed straight up and assaulted the guardsmen on top, killed a couple before being clubbed to death.

Havoks - Perched atop the highest point on the field, the havoks unfortunately didn't have LOS to the IG tanks on the left flank (due to 12" deployment zone and not wanting to move to the building's lip), leaving them blue marines to hammer. Krak bounced off the Ultra vindicator, just stunning it, then scragged the Ultra dread. The final 2 turns involved my havoks teaming up with the other missile launching chaos havoks and pounding the Ultra command squad. With krak missiles slamming into their building top from the surrounding high rises the squad was gutted down to the commander and his veteran sarge, who vacated the perch to get swarmed by plague marines.

Obliterator - Performed brilliantly, couldn't be happier. First turn tagged the demolisher but couldn't penetrate, but from that start he turned it up a notch. Turn 2, dead demolisher. Turn 3, dead chimera. Turn 4, dead hammerhead (stole the kill from the 3 allied obliterators who dropped right in front and couldn't take it with 3x twin meltas). Turn 5, dead Ultra apothecary across the board. Turn 6, no targets, called it a game.

Defiler - Landed a shot on some ogryn first turn, exploding one of them. Then took a basilisk shell on the head, instantly dying.


The good side held up well, but once we had pushed across No Man's Land it was going to be tough to push chaos back again. The other side got a pretty harsh lesson on demon weapons, and at one point there was the bloodfeeder, the deathscreamer, Typhus' ├╝ber-manreaper and the undivided demo-gauntlet all cooking within 18" of each other. A thing of beauty, and the bloodfeeder on jugger was indeed on crack, with 18-17-1-16 attaks rolled in all O_O

Painting: 1.7 Jezzails
Building: Khorne Heralds

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