Friday, June 06, 2008

+ Nurgle Skaven +

Figured it would be worth posting a shot of what I spent all of May working on. These models make up the redux of my 2000 point Eshin Skaven army, counts as Nurgle as far as modeling goes. The old list wasn't doing it for me, so I retooled and added a load of models. Excited to see how the new army works on the table (hopefully it works at all!), but I've still got basing to do for these guys next week.

Painting: Nurgle bases
Building: Khorne heralds


Sigmar said...

True dedication, nice work. Keep it up - I wish I could !

Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy Blog

redmanphill said...

Yep very nice so far. I like the jezzails and would love to see some close up shots of them.