Tuesday, June 24, 2008

+ Sad Day In Chaos Land +

Played 4 games this weekend - 2 fantasy, 2 40k - with each of the 4 armies of mine that I care about. The final one was the most exhausting, but for the sake of completeness I'll toss it up here.

Undivided & Death Guard vs Black Templars [4000] - Chaos both fielded pure infantry forces and their 54 generic demon buddies: my 1500 with terminators not dreadnought, his 2500 with Typhus, 6x 7 plague marines, 6x 7 demons. The Templars on the other hand were mechanized: 4 rhinos, 4 tornados, 2 dreads, 2 preds, 1 vindi, and 1 crusader rounded out the motorpool alone (with rhino squads, 2 assault squads, massive HQ, 2x asscan terminator squad, assault terminator squad and a Grey Knight terminator squad). And me with a handful of heavy weapons. Blerg.

A lot of poor dice rolling on our part and excellent 3+ saves on his part later, and we had been pushed back into our deployment zone (embarassing!). That did mean our respawning demons could dump right back into combat (thanks GK), but then they didn't do too much that mattered anyway. Only the left flank, with 4 plague marine squads within 1 woods template, was holding strong, but then it didn't have all the assault might storming into it like my shooting bunkers.

With the shop closing and everybody pretty tired of throwing dice around, Chaos folded in Turn 5, with at least a few of my dark power armor on the table still.


Building: Demon Prince #2
Painting: Ogre Ironguts

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