Tuesday, June 24, 2008

+ Khorne Demons vs Tizz Milksops +

Last Friday was Game #2 with the bloody demons of blood, and this time in an entertaining matchup against the 1000 Sons! This one would be pure 4.0, as the changes we usually play for 4.5 weren't going to matter (deployment and LoS mostly).

Khorne Demons vs 1000 Sons [1500]

1 'Fiend of Khorne'
12 Bloodletters - instrument, icon
12 Bloodletters - instrument, icon
12 Bloodletters - fury
12 Bloodletters - fury
Demon Prince - iron hide, unholy might, breath of chaos
Demon Prince - iron hide, unholy might, breath of chaos


Sorcerer - MoT, wind of chaos, warptime, wings, icon
Lord of Genericocity
Dreadnought - lascannons, heavy flamer
7 1000 Sons - AS w/ doombolt, icon
7 1000 Sons - AS w/ doombolt, icon
7 1000 Sons - AS w/ doombolt, icon
10 Lesser Horrors
10 Lesser Horrors
Defiler - extra ccw

Deployment: Sons, sons, defiler, sons, dread (banished to the far right flank). Sorcerer, super chicken, quasi-horrors all in reserve.

He won the roll and made me go first ...

Demons 1
I went with the 'wave of flesh' drop, all the bloodletters first. Scatters took 3 squads closer to their automaton targets (but not dangerously so) and 1 squad a bit farther back but I knew he'd close the 12" gap for rapid fire anyway so no worries.

Sons 1
He shuffled that squad into rapid range, and the dread fire frenzied ... into my bloodletters (area terrain to its left blocked LoS to friendlies) and killed 2 to start it off. Defiler smashed 6 from one squad and fire from the sons managed to whip out one icon squad and strip a good amount of demons from other squads. But in short: not enough dead bloodletters.

Demons 2
No demonic reserves arrive, so the bloodletters line up each against a sons squad and prepare to do this themselves. Which they do, each combat exactly doing 7 wounds after inv saves, killing all 3 sorcerers along with their icons.

Sons 2
Just the sorcerer arrives, striking a good 20" away from my demonic shocktroops to insure some of his demons will see the table. The defiler smashes another 6 bloodletters off the table and the dread pops another one off with its lascannon.

Demons 3
Everybody shows up, summoning around the remaining bloodletter icon. 2 bloodletter squads move towards the sorcerer, keeping their distance with the knowledge that the generic demons can assault after summon UNLIKE themselves ... Skarbrand and the 2 princes bellow at the defiler, causing 1 glance that is ignored (shaken). The 3rd bloodletter mob (and the largest) charges the defiler to silence its cannon and hope the render can do his thing. He can't and a couple demons are crushed with Skarbrand's rerolled hits.

Sons 3
10 demons summon off of the sorcerer's icon, right before the sorcerer explodes into the super chicken, removing the last icon and leaving the other 10 demons to drift in the warp. The dreadnought blood rages into the area terrain ruins near it and while my render demon gets 2 rending penetrates on the defiler he also rolls double 1's ... and the defiler pulps a couple more with Skarbrand's reroll.

Demons 4
Not wanting to wait for his demons to leave their difficult terrain bunker, I move 8 bloodletters up within 12" of his demons. Then instead of being at least a little cautious I slam the fiend into the horrors, with the hope of killing something and holding them up. Sadly the fleet roll is 1" too short to make it into terrain, which means the fiend is assaulting into cover instead of from within it. With no offensive grenades the 'horrors' easily kill it with Skarbrand's reroll. Elsewhere Skarbrand saves the bloodletters' bacon by killing the defiler 5 times over (with no explosion).

Sons 4
The dread fire frenzies again, into my bloodletters killing 2. His horrors push through cover and assault my bloodletters, killing 7 for the loss of 3 with Skarbrand's reroll, and popping the last thanks to No Retreat. The greater demon moves to the left, away from my menacing princes.

Demons 5
Skarbrand started his sprint towards the super chicken, the twin princes move to deal with the horrors and the remaining bloodletters try to gain some cover to avoid losing any more models to the dread (3 in one squad and 6 in the other). The princes breath on the horrors, and despite him trying to pull models out of 6" one prince manages the charge, butchering the generic thingies with Skarbrand's reroll. Skarry himself fleets well and charges the super chicken, brutalizing it into small parts thanks to his own reroll.

Sons 5
The dreadnought keeps his cool and takes a potshot at Skarbrand, but the shot is saved by his 4+ inv.

Demons 6
Bloodletters gain some cover and everybody watches as the Main Man begins the long run into the dreadnought (about 24").

Sons 6
The dread fire frenzies a third time, into Skarbrand for 2 wounds.

Demons 7
With a strong fleet, Skarbrand hits the dread and frags him several times.


This game was always going to be he shoots me back to the warp or I hellblade his face in, and the hellblades won. Wiping out all his squad icons and vessels in 1 round - without Skarbrand around for rerolls that mattered to me - was quite fortuitous, though the generic demons were as a pain against my bloodletters as I expected, with basically identical stats but cheaper. His walkers performed perfectly IMO, his defiler racking up 15-16 dead bloodletters (!!!) and his dread scoring 5 bloodletters or so and 2 wounds on Skarbrand with all those favorable fire frenzies.

Listwise, I still like the mathhammer behind taking 2 fiends vs 5 flesh hounds - better in soooo many ways really - but 1 fiend wasn't going to be as useful in this case, more of a tank hunter when you give it +1S as well. 40 points for a beast with 6 S6 rending attaks (and hit-and-run) is a good buy, and I've got some conversions in mind to make some proper "gorefiends." Skarbrand I like but his reroll causes me more anxiety than its worth - like against I5+ enemies and those in cover - and I think a 270 point bloodthirster w/ might is far better vs 300 point Skarry.

Building: Demon Prince #2
Painting: Ogre Ironguts

+ Sad Day In Chaos Land +

Played 4 games this weekend - 2 fantasy, 2 40k - with each of the 4 armies of mine that I care about. The final one was the most exhausting, but for the sake of completeness I'll toss it up here.

Undivided & Death Guard vs Black Templars [4000] - Chaos both fielded pure infantry forces and their 54 generic demon buddies: my 1500 with terminators not dreadnought, his 2500 with Typhus, 6x 7 plague marines, 6x 7 demons. The Templars on the other hand were mechanized: 4 rhinos, 4 tornados, 2 dreads, 2 preds, 1 vindi, and 1 crusader rounded out the motorpool alone (with rhino squads, 2 assault squads, massive HQ, 2x asscan terminator squad, assault terminator squad and a Grey Knight terminator squad). And me with a handful of heavy weapons. Blerg.

A lot of poor dice rolling on our part and excellent 3+ saves on his part later, and we had been pushed back into our deployment zone (embarassing!). That did mean our respawning demons could dump right back into combat (thanks GK), but then they didn't do too much that mattered anyway. Only the left flank, with 4 plague marine squads within 1 woods template, was holding strong, but then it didn't have all the assault might storming into it like my shooting bunkers.

With the shop closing and everybody pretty tired of throwing dice around, Chaos folded in Turn 5, with at least a few of my dark power armor on the table still.


Building: Demon Prince #2
Painting: Ogre Ironguts

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Games Day Baltimore has come and gone, and was as usual good fun. Nice to see a few new things - Dark Elf hydra, direct only kroot shaper, FW plague ogryns - and met some online friends in person, but really it was the open gaming that made the day for me. I brought the Chaos boys along and threw down in a big game that lasted a good chunk of the event and then a smaller one to finish the day off (was there 'til they kicked us out).

Undivided & Iron Warriors & Death Guard vs Ultramarines & Tyranids & Ultramarines & Tyranids [7000] - All on a fairly terrain-light 6x4 table, delicious. I put down 3 zombies from my case and we called them objectives, 6 turns to hold more than the other team. The game I feel was still in the balance up until Turn 3 or 4, but after that things had tiped solidly to Chaos, and the other side was starting to get demoralized at the beating they were taking. Quick recap:

- Vast majority of early Chaos firepower went into stopping all the genestealers rushing our line, something like 70 with a broodlord in there. They lasted until Turn 6 amazingly, my 1k Sons creating a speedbump that force weaponed out the broodlord and let my fisty CSM deal with the stragglers.
- One Ultramarine player was stalled in the corner by combined fire from my Anarch boys and the Iron Warriors, and then locked down for 2 turns when a forward plague champion summoned 4x7 demons into all his infantry squads. Only a crusader with assault terminators punched through, assaulting my shooty CSM squad but eating 2 chaos lords with demon weapons the following turn. The crusader would survive to contest an objective.
- The other Ultra player spent the game being shelled by 2 defilers (who both survived) and learning how tough plague marines in 5+ cover are. Despite the rough game his troops would go on to contest another objective.
- That plague marine champ (with powerfist) who summoned down the demons collectively crumped 1 zoanthrope, finished off an Ultra tactical squad w/ fist, smashed an Ultra dread and insta-killed the Ultramarine commander, all with the support of just 2 plaguers to soak wounds. Go plague guy!
- Late game move of the IW vindicator and CSM squad captured the final objective, securing a ...


Undivided & Iron Warriors vs Imperial Guard & Tau [3000] - With less than 2 hours left at the convention and needing something to do 'til the Costume Contest (gooooo titan!), I challenged out two dudes and nabbed the IW player to team up with me. This turned into a total bloodbath, helped along by our opponents' general inexperience and some really solid dice on my part. Recap:

- First Guard roll and Undivided rolls of the game were impressive. Demolisher shot 1 lascannon & 2 plasma cannons at my havoks in 5+ cover, hit with all of them, hit with all partials, wounded with all of them. In return I passed all 7-8 of my cover saves. Sweet. Then the demolisher died to an IW lascannon to the side.
- the Guard player forgot to shoot his basilisk the first couple turns, but I reminded him cause hey, it's killy. My plasma termies dropped back there and cooked the artillery off the following turn, lost a man to broadside fire, then next turn chainfisted the rear of the stationary ionhead, then assaulted a monat fusion suit but couldn't get through its 4+ inv.
- Both Tau fish of furies were stalled when their devilfishes were knocked down, with one group of fire warriors devoured by 12 lesser demonettes and the other shot up and then eaten by a Great Generic One. My girls would go on to eat some guard for good measure.
- The Tau player consistently did not jump his suits back behind terrain after moving out to shoot us up. Unlike the basilisk I didn't remind him, but instead shot a lot of AP2 and 3 at him ;D
- 1000 Sons not only survived the battle but killed stuff, including hurting the Tau HQ suit squad, killing the Guard HQ squad and, after many turns of them making their cover save, the platoon HQ as well. Waaaagh robots!
- We called the game at Turn 4.5 at 6:00, with just 1 Guard squad and the broadsides surrounded on a hill, and Games Day officially over and breaking up around us. A suiting end and another ...


So I ended Games Day 2008 with 2 bloody wins, a Forge World rhinox thunderlord, a Chaos dread blastmaster arm and a sweet Ghazghkul shirt. I'll take it.

Painting: N/A
Building: 2 Demon Princes

Monday, June 09, 2008

+ Khorne Rebound & Revamp +

Having looked around at other khorne armies (there aren't many!), I've some things to think about and some things I'm already doing that seem to be good ideas. Here's where I'm headed for 2k Khorne demons at the moment:

Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne, icon
Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne
Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne
Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne

12 Bloodletters - icon
12 Bloodletters - icon
12 Bloodletters - fury of khorne, instrument
12 Bloodletters - fury of khorne, instrument

Fast Attak
6 Flesh Hounds - Keranak

Heavy Support
Demon Prince - MoK, iron hide, unholy might, instrument
Demon Prince - iron hide, unholy might, breath of chaos, instrument
Demon Prince - iron hide, unholy might, breath of chaos, instrument

1998 points
61 models

Heralds all pair up with a nice big bloodletter squad for the drop, and first wave would ideally be 3 princes + 1 bloodletter / herald squad. Figure the heavy armor first wave might be better than going mix drop or "naked drop" with all the bloodletters (which is a possibility, all 48 at once then icon the princes down).

Painting: Nurgle bases
Building: N/A

+ Khorne Demons - Strike One +

Finally got the 5 models I needed built this weekend and got the first game in with my Khorne Demons with the new codex. Unfortunately it was against Sisters, which may be the perfect match up against demons, particularly ones with no shooting and with all power weapons. Brutal short range fire and the ability to pop inv saves if I ever hit combat is just very very hard to fight.

Khorne Demons vs Witch Hunters [1650]

I took:

Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne
Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne
Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne
Herald of Khorne - juggernought, unholy might, fury of khorne
8 Bloodletters - icon
8 Bloodletters - icon
8 Bloodletters - fury of khorne
8 Bloodletters - fury of khorne
8 Bloodletters - instrument
8 Bloodletters - instrument
6 Flesh Hounds - Karanak
Demon Prince - MoK, iron hide, unholy might, blessing of the blood god

He took:

Cannoness - jump pack, melta pistol, S5 power sword
Inquisitor - 2x heavy bolter servitors
13 Sisters - 2x storm bolters, VSS
10 Sisters - melta, flamer, VSS w/ plasma pistol
10 Sisters - melta, flamer, VSS
7 Seraphim - 2x flamers, VSS w/ power weapon
6 Seraphim - 2x flamers, VSS w/ eviscerator
8 Retributers - 4x heavy bolters

Maybe something else and I'm sure more kit in there too. We played many 5th edition rules, including the One Roll to start, LoS + cover saves (no screening), run. He won the One Roll and let me choose side and go first. With nothing to set up he deployed everything but the Cali and waited ...

Deployment (L to R): Retributers in building, seraphim, exorcist, 10 sisters on rough hill, seraphim (cannoness nearby), exorcist, 10 sisters in bottom of building, 13 sisters over the next two floors, INQ team on top.

Demon Wave: I split my army in half, and got the wave I wanted first. 8 bloodletters (icon) + herald, 8 bloodletters (music) + herald, 8 bloodletters (fury), demon prince.

Demons 1
I needed to silence the heavy guns and figured I could slog across the two feet from the retributer bunker to the mass of bolters waiting in the taller building on the flank, so struck everything towards the table middle / left. All the bloodletter squads scattered back away from their original drops, but with run rolls (apparently you can run / fleet after striking in 5th, or we did here anyway) they repositioned fairly well. The prince plopped down between all the letters, rolling the only HIT.

Sisters 1
Time to kill some demons. 10 sister squad in the middle walked down their hill to line up shots, both seraphim squads jumped around to line up their flamers and exorcists scooted for LoS on the DP. Flamer templates splashed all over the squad with icon, destroying it and the herald and also wounding the DP a few times with overspray. DP died to exorcist and small arm potshots from the squads in the far building. Retributers said NO and obliterated the fury letters with the other seraphim's help and my last squad of demons was reduced to 4 demons + herald. Wow. Of note, my rolling for inv saves was about statistically average, with some good ones and some bad, but I failed nearly 90% of all the 3+ armor saves I took on the DP and heralds. His rolling was, as usual, amazing - the retributors missed I think 4 shots the entire game.

Demons 2
Everybody but the last 8 bloodletters (icon) w/ herald were ready to play. I decided to try to force the other flank and get some points, so dropped the flesh hounds and some bloodletters (music) w/ herald inside the building that all those infantry squads were in, and the other bloodletters (fury) out front of it. Run moves repositioned a bit.

And finally, combat! The 4 bloodletters + herald over by the retributers charged the seraphim right in front of them, and the girls popped 3+ inv saves as predicted. All the same, 12 WS5 S5 I5 and 5 WS6 S7 I6 (rending) attaks are hard to say no to, and 2-3 seraphim died. The rest failed their break and were caught.

Sisters 2
Time to kill some demons. Seraphim jump over and line up on the letters outside the building, hill squad moves back atop the hill and 1 exorcist lines up. Retributers destroy the bloodletters + herald near them, combined fire gut the letters in the open, 5 bloodletters die to 26 rapid firing bolter shots from 1 squad (O_O) thanks to good saves from me (saved 8 of 13 wounds), and the hounds go unscathed.

Upshot, the Inquisitor tried to cast Scourging but rolled 6-6, dying to a PotW test as Khorne ate her head ;D

Demons 3
The last herald + bloodletters (icon ha!) strike in, deviating near the hounds and losing a couple models in the process. Herald + letters inside the building push forward to hope for assault and the hounds push through cover to go for the seraphim in the open.

And finally, combat! The hounds easily charge the seraphim, who pop +2 init and kill 1 hound. They lose 0 in return and hit and run away, sealing the dogs' fate. My opponent lets me make base with the herald + 3 bloodletters in the building, though my difficult terrain roll might have been 1" short (hard to tell with multi-storey buildings). 11 sisters die, unit breaks and is caught, my squad consolidates off to the side of the building.

Sisters 3
Time to kill some demons. Cali comes in and lines up to blast the newest bloodletters (but does nothing against Ld10 & 5+ inv). Other sisters maneuver to put out the pain. Flesh hounds disappear, herald + letters alongside the building are hit and leave just the herald alive. In the building, herald + letters are reduced to herald + 3 demons. The seraphim and cali who flamed them BOTH fluff their difficult terrain rolls, falling short.

Demons 4
Herald inside the building breaks off from his unit and runs for the sisters who had walked off their hill last turn to cook the hounds, while his bloodletters move to smack some seraphim. The other herald walks the 1" to charge the sisters in front of her.

And finally, combat! The herald from the building kills a handful of girls, but they hold. The other herald manages to kill 1 girl(with 5 S7 WS6 attaks), pathetically taking a wound in return I think. The 3 bloodletters against invulnerable seraphim kill 0-1 (9 attaks should kill 1.67 inv girls, so not THAT bad a fluff), for no loses. Seraphim either don't care or hold.

Sisters 4
Exorcists back up 12", cali moves to assault the letters right next to her. And the cannoness made an appearance and charged the herald near the hill in the back!

In combat, the hill herald put all 4 attaks on the inv 2+ cannoness, punching 3 wounds through her save and instantly killing her. The other girls fluffed but held. The other herald kept smacking with little result, taking another wound. And the 3 bloodletters against inv seraphim did nothing, losing 1 to a seraphim, 1 to the callidus and 1 to No Retreat.

Demons 5
Still alive in Turn 5! The hill herald broke his sisters but didn't catch them (by 1), yet their low retreat put him 1" behind them and set to push them off the table next turn. The other herald may have died this turn, clubbed to death.

Sisters 5
The fleeing sisters were pushed off the table, no chance to rally with enemy too close. And then exorcists and retributers fired down the table and took out the last demonic herald.


That was painful, and confirms most opinions that the Khorne demon army doesn't work well at all. Striking and then having nothing to do but die was rough, and the inv saves from the sisters made combat not even a sure proposition. I don't totally think I made a mistake in trying to overload the side with the heavy guns, but just lost models so much faster than I expected - the initial response from the sisters killed 20 bloodletters, 1 herald and 1 prince easily. If I had dropped in the cover of the other building and went from that flank over I would have avoided the first turn double seraphim response but would have been facing a 24" run into retributers and 2 exorcists, a real nightmare. My mistakes were more in consolidating into LoS of things and sticking heralds with squads with instruments (the least likely place to tie combat!), which were completely minimal.

So ... yuck. I want to play an army with heavy plasma & ant-tank weapons (read: almost all 40k armies), then see how I do. Flamers + heavy bolters were absolutely brutal, and I don't think too many armies besides Sisters take them in such numbers, cause they have other options!

Painting: Nurgle bases
Building: N/A

Friday, June 06, 2008

+ Nurgle Skaven +

Figured it would be worth posting a shot of what I spent all of May working on. These models make up the redux of my 2000 point Eshin Skaven army, counts as Nurgle as far as modeling goes. The old list wasn't doing it for me, so I retooled and added a load of models. Excited to see how the new army works on the table (hopefully it works at all!), but I've still got basing to do for these guys next week.

Painting: Nurgle bases
Building: Khorne heralds

Monday, June 02, 2008


Mmmm, the good old days of "Non-Apoc Apoc" Mega games, with way too many points crammed on one little 6x4 table. Saturday saw one of these gems crop up, after we got tired of playing Specialist Games and packing are 40k armies with us ...

Undivided & Death Guard & Undivided vs Tau & Ultramarines & Guard [6000] So it was chaos marines vs blue tau, blue marines and guard with their tanky friends. Distressing amount of open space between the chaos building bunkers and the Imperial line, but evil cared not.

Highlights from my standard 2000 pointer:

Biker Lord - Tagteamed with Typhus against Ultra assault termies gangbanging 1 demonette, and vaporized them (4 to the biker lord). Next up the two slammed into some ogryn, cleaning all but 1 (2 3-wound ogryn to the biker lord). After finishing the last space ogre, the lone biker of doom left Typhus to eat the IG high command, boosting off and slamming into a lone powerfist vet sarge. Naturally the biker rolled a 1, punched himself in the nuts and was fisted to death.

Deathscreamer Lord - Hung with the shooty CSM and pushed the left flank, accounting for 2-3 crisis suits and breaking the squad off the table. Otherwise not too exciting, peppered guardsmen in heavy cover to little effect.

Plasma Termies - With no targets that didn't involve risky deep striking (that basilisk looked tasty though!), the trio homered in hard left and escorted Typhus into the assault termies. The 2 survivors broke off and beat up a land raider crusader, losing 1 to the assault cannons and then the chainfist when the raider exploded next turn ;D

Dreadnought 'VORN' - Flipped out and killed 3 berzerkers with plasma, survived a railgun from a broadside and returned the favor with his plasma cannon, killing the suit's shield drone and breaking him off the table. Then the dread sucked a guard autocannon and died.

Deadnought 'THE LONER' - Cool headed as always, The Loner didn't flip out but also suffered from lack of targets. Tagged 1 devastator in 4+ cover and was scrapped in retaliation.

Shooty CSM - Escorted the deathscreamer, took many casaulties from the attentions of the tau hammerhead (as usual, the CSM's armor couldn't hold up to all the AP4). Killed next to nothing or nothing themselves, being on the move every turn.

Fisty CSM - Hung back and let the lascannon marine go to work on the IG tanks. Which he did a pretty poor job of, failing to pen the demolisher twice in a row. Once some Ultra assault marines deep struck near them they mobilized to destroy, though embarassingly it took 3 rounds of combat to finally kill the 5 jumpers, as the powerfist whiffed like a pro.

1k Sons - Spent the entire game shooting at 10 guardsmen in 4+ cover, taking a break to kill a tau commander and then (I think) getting taken out by small arms fire. The sorcerer may have lived to suck another game, though.

Noise Marines - It was all blastmaster this game (surprised? Nope, love me that gun), and he ended up trashing a hellhound and a leman russ. Not bad, 160 point dude!

Lesser Demonettes - With a lucky terrain roll they dropped and assaulted a fleeing stealth suit who was waaaay too close for comfort, killing him and locking in with a tau HQ suit. Counterattak by assault termies killed 7 of the 8, but with the help of a couple demon weapons the last girl climbed straight up and assaulted the guardsmen on top, killed a couple before being clubbed to death.

Havoks - Perched atop the highest point on the field, the havoks unfortunately didn't have LOS to the IG tanks on the left flank (due to 12" deployment zone and not wanting to move to the building's lip), leaving them blue marines to hammer. Krak bounced off the Ultra vindicator, just stunning it, then scragged the Ultra dread. The final 2 turns involved my havoks teaming up with the other missile launching chaos havoks and pounding the Ultra command squad. With krak missiles slamming into their building top from the surrounding high rises the squad was gutted down to the commander and his veteran sarge, who vacated the perch to get swarmed by plague marines.

Obliterator - Performed brilliantly, couldn't be happier. First turn tagged the demolisher but couldn't penetrate, but from that start he turned it up a notch. Turn 2, dead demolisher. Turn 3, dead chimera. Turn 4, dead hammerhead (stole the kill from the 3 allied obliterators who dropped right in front and couldn't take it with 3x twin meltas). Turn 5, dead Ultra apothecary across the board. Turn 6, no targets, called it a game.

Defiler - Landed a shot on some ogryn first turn, exploding one of them. Then took a basilisk shell on the head, instantly dying.


The good side held up well, but once we had pushed across No Man's Land it was going to be tough to push chaos back again. The other side got a pretty harsh lesson on demon weapons, and at one point there was the bloodfeeder, the deathscreamer, Typhus' über-manreaper and the undivided demo-gauntlet all cooking within 18" of each other. A thing of beauty, and the bloodfeeder on jugger was indeed on crack, with 18-17-1-16 attaks rolled in all O_O

Painting: 1.7 Jezzails
Building: Khorne Heralds